Since time is at a premium for many bloggers it is important they select certain business marketing strategies that will help boost their work efficiency! When you start blogging with the intention of earning an income you must always be on the lookout for ways to work smarter! Blogs require a good investment of your time and since time is money it needs to be managed as best as possible! What our focus will be on today is how to get more traffic to our site in the most efficient manner possible! Not that selling goods and services is unimportant but rather that without visitors you have no chance to make a profit!

Here are 3 ways in which any blogger can get more traffic to return and build their business by integrating their efforts while boosting work efficiency!

Capture Names

By capturing the contact information of visitors this allows you to have yet another 'channel of communication' with these people through email! The fact is that once you start blogging not everyone who lands on your platform will come back! When you offer them a free gift in exchange for their contact information you are then able to promote to them regardless of whether they return or not! However you are also able to send them links to any new updates you may have to offer which can also entice them to revisit your platform! The point is you have a way to maintain contact with readers who opt in to your list making it easier to promote while increasing your work efficiency!

Offer RSS Feed

Even if people don't join your mailing list doesn't mean they don't enjoy your content therefore be sure they can easily subscribe to an RSS feed! By doing so you increase the chance of their return, and maybe even with some new friends, thus giving you another chance to capture their contact information! In the very least these referrals will help you get more traffic to your blog without you having to invest much additional effort! Ah, work efficiency, you gotta love it!

Recycle Posts

Listen, you'll be spending much time creating content for your site and this is something you should be aware of even before you start blogging! With that being said it would be wise to devise ways in which you can 'recycle' these efforts! Hopefully you wrote some good posts and you can still share this information by leaving links at social sites or even circulating them as articles! Here too your objectives are to simply get more traffic out of the posts already published on your blog!

Maintaining a blog is very time consuming therefore it is wise to integrate your duties as a blogger with your business marketing strategies! By doing so your work efficiency will not suffer and is the reason why the 3 strategies discussed above were suggested! What every blogger wants and needs is to get more traffic to their site which is especially necessary if making money was your reason to start blogging! It all begins with getting visitors to your platform in an efficient manner and from that point it is up to you as to how you intend to monetize your platform!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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