As a marketer, you likely spend a lot of time in meetings. But, this can often be wasting the valuable time you could be using to get projects completed. It is important that you take advantage of all of the time management tools at your disposal, and learn how to make meetings a lot more productive. Obviously, there is going to be downtime in any meeting, but by using the following tips, you will find that you are able to get a real handle on time management, and get more done in shorter periods of time.

1. Your Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

The first thing you need to do is figure out what the minimum amount of work and resources need to go into any given project. Don’t worry that you are cutting corners. What you are doing is finding the easiest and fastest ways to get the job done right. You will only be doing what is most important, and not worrying about the things that aren’t as important.

2. Check Out Your Competition

It is always a good idea to keep an eye on what the competition is doing. Some paid tools, such as BuzzSumo, are good investments, because they let you find the best performing content on any subject. You can find out what is popular, and see how good your competition is (and find ways to make your business even better).

3. Offer Your Services to Other Companies

A lot of marketers miss out on a great opportunity by not reaching out directly to other companies to market their products and services. Often, this is a lot easier to do than you might think. Getting other companies to market your services is even easier when you are using the right tools, such as Opporty.

4. Take Regular Breaks

When you work for long periods of time, you start to lose your energy and your concentration. Short breaks at regular intervals throughout the day will help to get you reenergized, and you will have better concentration. It is recommended that everyone take a minimum 20 minute break every four hours. Some people prefer to take five minute breaks every hour or so, even if it is just to get up and stretch.

5. Schedule Walking Meetings

Most meetings take place in a conference room, and they can get pretty boring. “You can make your meetings more interesting, and more productive, by scheduling meetings that are outside the boardroom. Take your team on walking meetings,” says Sergey Grybniak from Clever Solution. Go to the park, a walking trail, or even walk to an ice cream shop for a treat, and discuss your projects while you are walking. You’ll get a lot done, and you’ll get exercise at the same time.

6. Take Business Trips

Business trips are a great way to get a lot of work done, and do a lot of relaxing and sight-seeing at the same time. When you are able to work on the road, you get to be a lot more flexible, and you become more productive. Visit Vericost to learn how you can make business trips both flexible and productive.

7. Use a Voice Recorder

When you are on the go, instead of fumbling with a pen and paper or your iPhone when you want to take notes, simply speak them into a voice recorder. These are small and can easily be kept in your pocket. If you always have a voice recorder with you, you can be sure that you will never forget another great idea again, because you can simply record it and go back to it later.

Author's Bio: 

Jane Hurst, writer from San Francisco. Find her on Twitter!