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I have gotten into a couple of great time techniques with you. So far we have looked into the power of delegation and have really gotten into the subject of time blocking. With delegation, really you just want to spend your time doing the most valuable things and spend the least amount of time on time wasters. If you can delegate it, do it, and focus on the most important things you can.

With time blocking, you can really focus your energy. Remember to schedule a task for a certain amount of time and that's all you do in that time block. If you lose focus for as little as 5 minutes, you could potentially lose up to a half hour because of all of the time it takes to get back focused.

Here is the last of the secret. This is what I like to call the 4 box method. I got this from Randy Pausch's lecture, Randy was a speaker / professor who gave talks on time before he died from Cancer, so pay attention this is amazing! Let's go into list prioritization. Oh my, everyone has got such a “to do” list. Things just pile on to a seemingly never ending list that just keeps on growing. Whatever are you to do? Well, you know to delegate and you know how to time block now. Let’s manage that list appropriately and blow your mind as to how much you can accomplish in a day. My wife and I were talking because she used to have a “regular” job and she was saying that when I came up with a cover, it took me a couple of hours whereas it would have taken a marketing department in a firm a couple of weeks to a month to accomplish it. I use my time appropriately. This is what you need to do.

Get on your phone task list or draw on a piece of paper, four different lists. Name one list – Due Now Important, second list – Due Later Important, third – Due Now Not Important and fourth list – Due Later Not Important. Separate your current seemingly never ending list into these four categories. Be honest because your gift for aunt Bella twice removed on your grandma’s side’s 80th birthday is not a Due Now Important item. Your Due Now Important items are really your money makers and your family. Now that you have split up your list, first of all, it is no longer as intimidating is it? Now delegate anything you can that isn’t vitally important that you “the master” have to do, and then time block starting with the most important to the least. What you will find is that you will complete the things that are necessary for success and some things will just disappear. You will have a lot more time and will get a lot more done.

I want you to time block the Due Now Important first, then the Due Later Important, then the Due Now Not Important, then the Due Later Not Important. As things come onto your plate, try to delegate them, then prioritize them and time block them. By using delegation, time blocking, and list prioritization you will be considerably more efficient in everything you do. This is a main component in success. Stop wasting time and do this right now!

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