An outbreak of acne can occur anytime and it can affect teenagers as well as adults. Acne is not a serious condition but it can affect people mentally. The emotional and social well-being of a person can be seriously affected. In fact, studies have found that acne affected persons tend to have very low self-confidence; this lack of self-esteem can manifest itself and affect their day to day activities significantly.

Acne is caused by the excess secretion of sebum, which along with dirt and bacteria cover the pores and cause inflammation. They can be in the form of blackheads, whiteheads and cysts. Some of the pimples can be painless while others can be very painful. The best way to take care of acne is to take care of your skin and avoid breakouts. Some of the time tested secrets are given below:

    • Avoid any exfoliators when you have acne. In fact, avoid exfoliators altogether because they are known to aid acne breakouts. Instead of using exfoliators it is better to wash your face with water, a minimum of two times every day. It is also advised to avoid soaps or face wash, just water is enough to clear the dust and grime from the face and to keep the pores hydrated.
    • Many people have acne breakouts in the forehead; this is usually caused by oily hair. If you have oily hair, wash it at least twice a week to prevent breakouts. Also do not use any hair oil or pomades.
    • Some people tend to have acne breakouts in their chest and backs. This can be very painful but the breakouts can be avoided by bathing after workouts or when they sweat a lot. Sweat can cause breakouts, so using mild soap with water and bathing will help a lot. It is also advisable to use only healthy skin care products .
    • One of the most common reasons for acne breakouts on the face is due to frequent touching of the face. The hand and fingers of a person carry a lot of bacteria and when you frequently touch your face, you transfer those to the face and when they get embedded in the pores along with sebum you will have painful acne breakouts. Hence, it is advised to not touch the face at all. In fact, during this COVID-19 pandemic, the WHO has advised people not to touch their faces for fear of the corona virus spreading and if people follow that advice, acne breakouts will also reduce.
    • A secret known to all but not heeded by everyone is a healthy diet. Though people feel an oily diet or chocolates can be the reason for breakouts there has been no scientific study to prove it. When you talk about skincare for acne you need to include a healthy diet.
    • Sleep is another factor that is very essential to avoid breakouts. People used to sleep for a healthy 7-8 hours and they did not have common occurrences of acne. Nowadays people do not sleep properly and this in turn affects their skin and they have frequent acne breakouts.

If you use the above mentioned tips, you can fight acne.

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