Did you know that as people, majority of us do not spend anytime planning our day? It is said that we will spend more time planning a vacation than we do to plan for our lives.

Are you one of these types of people? If so, then to better leverage your time, you need to learn time management skills. It is the most important skill one can learn to get more accomplished with the time they have.

So what is keeping you from learning time management skills? What are the excuses you tell yourself for not preparing the tasks ahead of you?

Well, there are two excuses that most people give for not learning to better managing their time. We will discuss both of these excuses in detail and show you how to overcome them to become a more efficient, effective time management person.

EXCUSE #1 - I don't have the time

Surprisingly, not having time is the most common excuse that people give for not learning time management skills.

Now think about this for a minute, is this a legitimate excuse? Of course not! What these people are really saying is that "I enjoy the hustle and bustle of life that leaves me with little time in my day."

Because if they wanted more time, they could do the one activity, above all else, that would leave them with more free time in their schedule - learning time management skills.

Either these people do not place a high enough value on learning time management skills or they do not understand the importance of it.

EXCUSE #2 - I really don't need to learn to manage my time

The people who use this excuse are usually thinking, "I already know what I have to do, so why waste time learning when I can use that same time to start doing?"

Of course there are always routine tasks that need to be accomplished that we can easily remember and strategize in our heads, but what about the things that are not so obvious? What about tasks that are larger goals that relate to your deepest values? What do you truly want out of life? What do you want most from your career and family setting? These things aren't so easy to mentally map out.

With efficient, effective time management, you can ask yourselves these important questions, which will help surface tasks that are more important to your goals. And these tasks will invariably lead to you doing more of what will help you in reaching your dreams.

So although you might complain that you can't get everything done because you don't have the time, the truth is, you do have the time. You are simply holding onto excuses that are keeping you from learning better skills. By letting go of these excuses, you can learn the skills that can help you enjoy all the time you could ever need.

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