Ever found yourself saying, I will, when I find the time or, time got away from me? We'll this time management article is for you. I am about to introduce you to 7 Secrets that Create an Extra Hour a Day?

The seven secrets are:

1. There is no such thing as time management!
2. Time is for spending.
3. Crossing the knowing-to-doing GAP
4. Ready FIRE aim
5. Achieving Focus and Effectiveness
6. Tapping your Energy
7. Don't mistake activity for achievement!

Secret number 2 in this series is about time management and goal setting. Most people tell us they don't have enough time -- time poor as it is referred to these days. Everyday I hear people say, "I am so busy!"

Being busy is like looking in a very dirty mirror. Imagine you have a shower in the morning. You get out and stand in front of the mirror to do your hair, shave or put on your make-up (maybe both :-) But the mirror is really dirty. Instead of cleaning it you decide to leave it and keep getting ready.

You get more and more frustrated because you can't really tell what you are doing. You don't know if your hair is the way you want it or not.

And this is how many people go about their lives every day. They look at life through a very dirty mirror and so they have no clarity about whether they are achieving what they want.

After many weeks and months of using the dirty mirror each morning, what do you think happens? You no longer remember what you want your hair and face really look like. You start to accept what you see in the dirty mirror.

When I ask the groups I talk to "would you like an extra hour a day" almost everyone says yes. But when I ask "if you had, say an extra hour a day what would you do with that time?" Most people are unsure or vague - like looking in a dirty mirror.

What we are talking about here is time management and goal setting. What are your time management goals? How clear are you about what you want to do with more time? We have found that if you are not clear then you don't "find the time". When you are really clear about how you would use your time then you have a great basis to start making some changes. WHAT would you do with an extra hour a day?

Spend time with your family. Step back on work ON the business. Go the gym. Do something FUN.

That's the initial response we get. Then they say things like "it would just get taken up by more work" or "I'd feel guilty I spent a whole hour everyday, just for me." And so there goes the chance that you will get time for yourself.

Research from the DNA of success found that 7 out of 10 goals that people set are NOT achieved. The reason - because the goals were not based on a core desire and were not aligned with values and beliefs. It's like wanting to make a good impression at a job interview, but when you were getting ready you looked in the dirty mirror. You hoped you look good, but you don't really know.

Yet 8 out of 10 goals are ACHIEVED (in our experience) when supported by your real desires, values and beliefs. This is like seeing yourself in a full length clear mirror and selecting your clothes and hairstyle - you KNOW you look good!

Simple, yes. Common no!

If you had an extra hour EVERYDAY this week, could you tell me in 10 seconds what you would do. Most people can't, so they continue being busy. And they keep falling short of their time management goals!

Actions: In the next 24 hours.

Get clear on what you really want ask yourself,

"What do I want that I am not getting today?"

Be totally honest with yourself. This process requires you to think deeply. Write your answers on paper to get even more clarity.

Author's Bio: 

Michael Erwin is an internationally certified coach who specializes in Time Creation. He has created the unique Time Management for the 21st Century system. Get the FREE version here. He has collected the most effective time management resources, including time management videos and made them available to FREE at http://www.time-management-central.net