Productivity! It is not a myth!
All of us are on the war scene of the productivity. People struggle too much about it. We talk about laziness, procrastination and burnout. These enemies are everywhere. Just look around: we did nothing useful by day but got tired too much. Let’s stop this!
We have made some researches and found out interesting fact. Everybody want to be productive, but trying to fight laziness is the wrong strategy. You spend so much energy but still not moving. Let's forget about laziness at all. It is just an illusion. You can be productive. And you know it for sure from your past experience.
We should act in other direction. Focusing on some doing instead of fighting.
But how to switch to new direction. Out Timer will guide you from stuckness to productivity in 3 simple steps:
1. Choose the activity. One simple piece of project or any action you have to do.
2. Set the Timer clock for countdown. You should know how much time needed. Add some additional time to fit in for sure.
3. Repeat! Feel like a winner.
Just these steps will increase your productivity dramatically!
Countdown clock timer is the simplest and the most useful instrument to start being productive. If you don’t know how to begin – just choose the action and set the timer!
Focus or die!
However, you should know that timer is not a magical stick. All magic is in your focusing skill. When countdown is on you should totally focus on your issue. Otherwise, you’ll miss the point.
Focus is the most powerful skill. And we know you have it by nature. Now it is time to use it! Destructions are everywhere. In most cases, they are just a garbage. But when you allow them to lead you away, you pay too high cost for the second rated pleasure.
Https:// is your sharp sword in the fight of productivity. Use it wisely! And you’ll see that you can do more and more stuff.

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Mike Hammelton