Is there anyone out there that doesn’t want a little more support these days? Financial, physical, soul, mind, vision what do you need support with? These are the times where we get to ask. These are the times we get to share. These are the times that the most powerful things we can share are hope and vision of times less trying.

It’s about our capacity to connect and stress is the great divider. We are in this time and many feel they have nothing to celebrate. Without can either make us creative and greatful or depressed and hopeless. Not much in-between.

I am not the fairy godmother that will wave the fairy wand and make it all better. I am just the voice of your soul saying it ain’t what it looks like. Look more deeply and see what is the gift inside this seemingly tragic wrapper. What are we being asked to learn?

I can tell you what I see. These McMansions will become houses that several couples will buy together and create communities. What we hold in our minds, hearts and souls now is what will happen in the near future. What we speak and spread is what our children will get to live with.

There is a power to words and thoughts that breaks all sound and membrane barriers. We now get to think more inclusively.

We get to be more creative in our gifts. Create what is needed. Shop second hand. Glue and paste and design and hold that person in your heart as you give them what they need not want.

Give to others who have less, less hope and less whatever. Give so you create a flow of return that will come back to feed you and those close to you. Give because you can in some way always give.

I got a head start on all this so I can share what I have done. I organize events and situations where people can donate. I do the back end work and the front-end work. I put in a garden in my backyard so I could feed others if worse came to worse. I look at things I own and someone else would like and these are the gifts I give.

You know what my life is expanding in these trying times. Things are not as tight for me as they were. I am being able to share my gifts that the world truly needs now. I have the capacity to give hope and teach people how to feel hopeful on their own. That is priceless. I am greatful to be able to share with people.

Author's Bio: 

Gurutej Khalsa is known as the Energy Guru. She lives and breathes the meaning of her Sikh name, “the one who brings you from darkness into light at the speed of light.” She has taught people for over 40 years to connect to their essence through healing, meditation, yoga, and chanting. Check out her sites for in-the-moment support: