Sadness and hopelessness usually accompany the death of a loved. Death is the ultimate reality and there can be no running from it as each one of us has to face this bitter truth and let our close ones say adieu to this world forever. There are different ways in which people react to such situations. The behaviour of no two individuals is similar when it comes to coping with grief.
It becomes the duty of the well-wishers and acquaintances to take care of the survivors and help them heal faster during such traumatic times. Friends and relatives can help the surviving family in the following manner:



One of the daunting tasks for the surviving family is to inform about the unfortunate news to each and every individual they know. To ease off their burden well-wishers can publish obituary adverts in a newspaper to disseminate the news faster. The Times of India is a popular news broadsheet that can be used for this purpose. Times of India obituary ad will help in announcing the unfortunate incident. To publish obituary ad in Times of India it is better to select the appropriate edition of the news journal. If all the known individuals are restricted to a particular geographic region say for instance Delhi and NCR, then going for the edition of this area will be the best option to publish obituary ads in Times of India.


We all are well aware of the fact that flowers work best on each occasion whether its celebration time or the heart-rending times i.e. the demise of a loved one. Flowers are apt for every event. During sad times it often happens that people are rendered speechless due to the state of shock and trauma. The well-wishers also are unable to find appropriate words to comfort the survivors and help them recover. There creeps in an awkward silence that is eerie and distressing. It further adds to the melancholic state of mind and further aggravates the pain. To break such silence, it becomes necessary to bring in flowers and carnations so that the surviving family gets the message loud and clear that they are not alone and there many people to love and support them during their sad times. Funeral flowers are meant to offer condolences and pay tribute to the deceased who has left the world forever.


Nothing can work better than the comforting words from loved ones during the catastrophic times of life. If you are unable to make it to the last rites of an individual, then mark your presence by sending sympathy messages and notes to the survivors. If it is a personalized note it will be better as the survivors will be able to get your warmth and love through your comforting words. They will seek your help to come out of the trauma and sail through the testing times.

These are some of the many ways in which you can help a weeping soul during the catastrophic incidents of life. You can stand beside the survivors like a pillar of strength and they will consider you as a blessing. So, do not leave such helpless people alone and heal them with your love and care.

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