When we experience a tingling sensation in our left arm, our first immediate thought is often a sign of a heart attack.

We now know there is more to this serious event than just numbness and tingling.

The causes of this odd symptom and how it affects us is the focus of this article.

We will also examine related warnings that signal the need for medical attention, and how to treat mild cases of tingling in the left arm at home.

Referred to as paresthesia, tingling in the left arm occurs when the nerves have been compromised or blood flow has been interrupted. It is commonly explained as the feeling of pins and needles in affected area before numbness sets in. Sometimes, we say our arm is asleep with this feeling.

It can also be accompanied by a burning sensation. There are many trivial reasons for this occurrence, such as muscle spasm, fatigue, or even strenuous exercise. Sometimes, it is a cause for concern as it may indicate a serious health problem.

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