With the realization that the noises you are hearing in your ears or in your head are not going to go away comes the journey to either eliminate them or to learn to live with them.

That journey starts of course with visiting your doctor. For most of us the resulting medical examination will fail to reveal an underlying cause. Without an absolute cause there cannot be an absolute cure. What works for me may do nothing for you. That is why the search for tinnitus relief can rightly be called a journey. It will require an amount of trial and error. It needs a positive mental outlook. It is certainly best to start by ensuring that you are in the best physical health that you can be.

Stress reduction is high on the list of self help therapies. Stress is known to cause high blood pressure and for many people stress links directly with the symptoms of tinnitus. Listening to your tinnitus can be an indication of your level of stress. Avoid stress and do not allow your tinnitus to in itself raise your stress level.

Taking plenty of exercise and breathing fresh air is a good start to physical wellbeing. Avoiding pre-prepared package foods and switching to natural ones can be beneficial. Most packaged foods contain artificial preservatives, flavorings and colours which can in themselves invoke allergies. It could be that for some people tinnitus is actually a symptom of an unnoticed allergy. Caffeine in coffee and tea as well as alcohol is also known to exacerbate if not cause tinnitus for some people.

Nutritional supplements and other natural remedies have proven beneficial to many tinnitus sufferers reducing the intensity of the sounds of tinnitus. These do take time to become effective and their positive impact may be down to their effect on overall health as much as to direct intervention on the tinnitus.

With each of these suggestions it is important to give them a fair trial. Keep a diary and record any benefit or not. Remember that even a small reduction in the volume of noise you are hearing will have a positive effect on your overall wellbeing. It may require a combination of therapies to deliver an appreciable tinnitus cure. However the act of doing something positive in an organized fashion will in itself result in a more relaxed approach in your journey to achieve your own tinnitus liberation.

Adrian Featherstone covers the subject of tinnitus in great detail at his website TinnitusLiberation.com

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Adrian Featherstone shares a personal experience of his journey to subjugate the symptoms of tinnitus and ultimately achieve his own tinnitus liberation at his website www.tinnitusliberation.com