The cure for tinnitus to date has not been known and seems to be illusive for medical researchers, similar as to its idiopathic nature – its cause is also unknown. Many sufferers described this symptom as the “phantom” head or ear noise because only the perceiver can hear the buzzing, ringing, or whistling sounds within.

The tragedy is that most initial cases of tinnitus collapsed into damaging or severe hearing loss. Most likely then, deafness leads to an individual’s debilitating social, cognitive, and health condition.

Still, the greater number of sufferers of tinnitus does not seek professional help despite the prevalence of the concurrent symptoms and the evident psychological impact for the belief that tinnitus is incurable or untreatable. Thus, hearing loss becomes the most prevailing ill-effect of the constancy of tinnitus giving sufferers a more diminished quality of life.

True, there is no specific cure yet for this condition but research shows that tinnitus hearing aids can do greatly to improve the sufferers’ daily life.

How can tinnitus hearing aids help?

One is that, hearing care professionals believe that accepting hearing aids itself can motivate a person to obtain medical assistance for the treatment of their recurring tinnitus despite the foreboding that it is beyond treatment and eventually avoid the damaging impact of tinnitus.

Then, hearings aids can greatly improve the auditory portion of the brain by listening to the sound itself. Hearing care professionals believed that tinnitus is caused by increase in neural activity in the auditory cortex. If viewed as a physiotherapy or sound therapy for the ears, the sounds “within” served as exercises that enhance the auditory capacity of the brain.

Another help obtained from tinnitus hearing aids is that the person with tinnitus can pick up the external sounds and listen to it with ease. Now with the background sound or noise amplified, the loudness or prominence of tinnitus is reduced considerably or tolerably.

What benefits tinnitus hearing aids have?

Without hearing and communication incapacitated tinnitus entails impediment in basic life’s function (e.g. socialization, relaxation, or job performance). With the help of tinnitus hearing aids though, sufferers will more likely relish a happier and healthier life that many individuals do without tinnitus.

They will gradually recuperate from what they have loss and gained back the well-ness they once have. With tinnitus hearing aids these emotional, mental, psychological, and social benefits can possibly be yours:

1. Diminished irritability, anger, and frustration

2. Less possibility from collapsing into psychological disorders

3. Tinnitus sufferers obtain a happier or positive outlook towards their surrounding regardless of the “bustling” around them

4. Improved memory skills

5. Enhanced ability to learn new tasks

6. Concentration more focus

7. Improved attention span

8. Reduced physical fatigue, tension, and stress

9. Less likely to fall into social avoidance and withdrawal

10. Makes life more active and alert

How proven the help and benefits of tinnitus hearing aids?

A survey conducted by 230 hearing care professionals for tinnitus sufferers and individuals with hearing loss showed results that 60% of those surveyed or six out of 10 patients experience some amount of relief when using tinnitus hearing aids than without it. However, 22% actually indicated a major relief of their tinnitus when using hearing aids.

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