Tinnitus is the ringing, buzzing, humming or the whistling sound one hears in one's ears. At times it could also resemble running water or a roaring sound. Tinnitus is of two kinds. The first type is the objective one, where one hears noises in his ears and others around him can also hear them. The second type is the subjective one, which is more common, and where the person alone experiences noises in one’s ears. These horrendous noises could at times be so agonizing that a person might want to commit suicide.

Any damage to the hearing nerve inside the ear can cause tinnitus. Frequent contact to loud noises could result in such kind of damage, and may lead to hearing loss. Contracting of the nerve due to advancing age is the biggest culprit, as almost 1 out of 5 people in the age group above 55 complain of unbearable discomfort. With advancing age, the blood vessels contract and restrict the blood circulation in the ears, causing tinnitus. Injuries in head or ears, clogs due to high blood pressure and depression could be other causes of tinnitus. It is also caused due to entry of any foreign particles or wax in the ear, which may damage the nerves. At times, tinnitus is caused due to excessive intake of quinine, aspirins or antidepressants.

Some simple tinnitus home remedies can be followed to alleviate the discomfort of the patient.

Drinking tea made with equal parts of cinnamon, chamomile and comfrey could provide relief, and is amongst the best of all tinnitus home remedies.

The mastoid bone behind the ear can be massaged with warm sesame oil 2-3 times a day, for about two weeks to ease the discomfort.

About 160 of Gingko Biloba herb can be consumed 2-3 times a day. This helps in increasing the blood circulation and soothes the pain.

Relaxing the body with yoga and Tai Chi reduces the stress for those suffering from depression. Also, unbelievable, but true, eating raw pineapple often reduces the inflammation in the ears.

Keeping the ears clean and wax free is the simplest of all tinnitus home remedies. Apart from that, Coenzyme Q10, if consumed regularly increases the blood circulation, thus lessening the hissing.

Eating plenty of garlic and sea vegetables is also one of the easiest tinnitus home remedies.

A solution can be prepared by mixing equal quantities of warm water, table salt and glycerin, which can then be sprayed into the nostrils 2-3 times a day to unclog the blood vessels and improve the blood circulation. Burdock root and bayberry bark too are excellent blood purifiers.

Patients with tinnitus must avoid dairy products and sugar at all costs. Alcohol is strictly prohibited and daily walks are advised to keep the blood pressure under control. Patients are recommended a diet rich in vitamin A, B and E.

One is blessed with only one set of ears in one's lifetime, so those suffering from tinnitus must not just curtail, but altogether discontinue the intake of caffeine products, as they contract the blood vessels and restrict the blood inflow, and have hazardous lasting effects.

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