AIIMS (All India Institutes of Medical Sciences) are among the best medical Institutions in India which provides many medical courses. It is a dream institute for those students who wish to study medical science. AIIMS coaching centres are located in vaarious parts of India, for example, New Delhi, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Jodhpur and many other cities.

For admission in any institute of AIIMS proper coaching is required. There are many AIIMS Coaching centres in Itanagar who will provide the students with proper guidance, study materials and prepare them well. However, there are certain things which plays a very vital role while selecting a coaching centre:

1.Different courses: Although every coaching centre will provide you with many courses but there are certain courses which are more beneficial for students applying for AIIMS. If you want to start your preparation early i.e. after passing 10th standard, you can choose Two Years Integrated Course which will give you more time to prepare yourself. And for those who want to start the preparation a bit late, i.e. after passing 11th Standard or 12th Standard, for them there are One Year Integrated Course or Intensive Crash Course. Now you have to choose since when you want to start your preparation and choose the courses accordingly.

2.Classroom and Laboratory facility: Study always becomes smooth and enjoyable if proper environment can be provided to the students. Proper classroom and well-equipped laboratory facility are a must to notice before choosing any AIIMS Coaching Centre in Itanagar.

3.Quality teaching staff: Parents should go through the prospectus of coaching centres properly and get a clear idea about the teaching staff which includes lab assistants as well. Lecturers should be well versed and specialized for the subjects they will be teaching. Same goes for the lab instructors also. Practical study plays a vital role for medical science; hence, lab instructors should be specialized as well.

4.Library facility : It would be best to choose any AIIMS coaching centre in Itanagar which has its own library facility. Books for medical studies are quite costly and might not be affordable for every parent, so if there is a library facility in the coaching centre itself, students can borrow books and complete their studies. This way they don't have to run around book stores which will save their precious time and energy as well.

5.Past success records: Parents kindly go through the previous success record of the coaching centre before choosing it for your child. This way you can get a clear idea about the coaching centre's performance and whether it will provide your child with necessary guidance required or not.

There are many AIIMS Coaching Centres in Itanagar which you can easily find out by web search. Nimbus Tutorial in Ziro Pint Bank Tinali, JOM & WHEEL Coaching Institute located opposite ICICI Bank, Itanagar, Itafort Coaching Centre in Banktinali are some of the best coaching centres that have a good success record. So, choose the coaching centre wisely which will guide you properly and lead you to the path of success.

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