All children love cakes especially birthday cakes. They’re the most important part of any children’s party and all the guests get excited and super impatient for a delicious, mouth-watering and fluffy cake. Having said that, there are so many different ways to make sure you get your little one the best cake ever to provide them with a fun amazing day that they will never forget. Here are out tops ideas and tips for an awesome children’s cake:

1. Personalize it

Make sure to personalize that cake and make it colorful and vibrant for your kid! Write on it or print an image of something your child loves on it or even have it baked in the shape of something they’re interested in like a football, dancing shows, a tennis racket, a sports team logo, a barbie! Cakes could literally be made into hundreds and hundreds of different shapes.

2. Choose the right flavor

Look for the flavors and fillings that are popular with kids. Adults may like plain sponge cakes with a one single flavor like vanilla cakes or orange flavored cakes for example (because they really are delicious), but children love a colorful, flavorful, unique and adventurous cake full of all of their favorite things. Ice cream cakes, chocolate flavored cheesecakes, cakes with caramel fillings topped with candy like kit-kat, maltesers, skittles and snickers. When you’re looking for the perfect cake for a children’s party, think of vibrant colors, multiple flavors and fillings.

3. Bring more treats

One cake is never enough so especially if it’s for a group of kids hopped up on sugar! Get two cakes or better yet, pair it with a bunch of other goodies like cupcakes, cookies, cupookies, macaroons, cake jars, muffins and other types of fun desserts that all children love. The variety of options looks good on the table and makes sure all the guests get to enjoy their favorite treat that suits their taste.

4. Consider the size

How many children (and adults) will be attending the party? Make sure you get a cake big enough so that everyone’s get to have a piece or two. You could get an extra-large cake or 2-3 medium sized cakes. The worst thing you could do is having some of your guests leave without getting a taste of that delicious-cake.

5. Decorate it

Adult cake decorations are quite different from kid’s cake decorations. Kids want to see their favorite action figures, miniature toys like cars, their favorite cartoon characters or dolls. That way after they’re done eating the cake, they get to play with their favorite toys with all their friends!

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