A good number of newbies on the Twitter platform are struggling to consolidate a large following. When they see Twitter users who have large followers, they wonder how it happened, and also wonder if they will ever attain such height in growing their Twitter following. Bear in mind that certain practices are prohibited when it comes to Twitter following, otherwise, your account will be suspended and you will have nothing to show for all your efforts. There are techniques for achieving decent following on Twitter platform.

Are You Pursuing Quality or Quantity?
This is the first question you must ask yourself when trying to grow your Twitter following. What do you want – a small group of followers that would enable you monitor the timeline easily and get to interact with each of them, OR, massive followers that you can use Twitter lists to monitor only the tweets that interest you?

If your Twitter account is a personal one, the first option may be suitable for you. On the other hand, if you want to use your Twitter account to grow your product or brand, you will target at reaching as many prospects as possible. One of the easy and cost-effective techniques for making your brand or business known worldwide is growing your Twitter following.

Do You Know the Tools of the Trade?
Just like any other trade or platform, there are tools on Twitter platform that would help you manage your account successfully. There are several tools, but the ones discussed below are the ones that have been proven to be very effective:

  • FriendsorFollow: This tool helps you to know who is a fan, who is not following you and also mutual followings. There’s also the option to unfollow or follow users when you connect with Twitter.
  • Socialoomph: It will be difficult to keep track of the new followers that are joining you when your account starts growing massively. Thus, the Socialoomph will enable you set up a welcome message for those followers who are new. Setting up an ‘auto DM’ will help you welcome new followers. It is not necessary to add a link to the welcome message – because every other person is doing that does not mean it is effective. Adding a link to the welcome message would only irritate people and make them perceive you as a desperate marketer. Instead, do something more creative with the 140 character limit assigned.
  • Twiends: This tool is simply fun and addictive as well. It is a valuable tool for growing your stats on Twitter platform, YouTube, Facebook as well as website. When you connect other Twiends, it would earn you credits, which you can use in return to get others to connect with you. This is more like a market place, it is even possible to tug your settings in order to achieve quality following. You can also decide to pay for credits, especially if you don’t have the skills to earn the credits manually.

These valuable tips and tools for growing your Twitter following will reward you excellently if you implement them the right way.

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