Candles are the perfect mood elevator in all kinds of occasions and events, from birthdays to business parties, private celebrations, wedding events and special event settings. These are also the choice of interior designers or homeowners while decorating different types of spaces. You can also consider them as an excellent gift idea - classy, cheap in price and appropriate for different types of relationships. That’s why a number of people prefer their own small business to manufacture candles.

An important thing to know about selling candles successfully is that packaging is very important. Sometimes the packaging consists of a candle label and a cardboard box on the candle jar, and sometimes it is just a candle and an eye-catching label on the wax itself. Either way, the candle label is hard to avoid.

Labels for candles aren’t only a marketing trick and these are also a way to make the product look more appealing to customers. They also provide important information to candle buyers, such as precautions and possible dangers of candle fire and information about safety procedures, the flavor of the candle, who manufactured it and similar.

In order to design a label for your product, the most common way is to get your label designed by some expert graphic designer. For this purpose one will have to visit some expert in the field of graphic designing and make them understand the requirements but in the end there is a huge possibility that designer will not be able to make the product label according to customers’ requirement resulting in huge stress and panic for both designer and customer. This will lead to a waste of time and money for both parties.

Steps to create your label

On the other hand, you can go with the time saving, cheap and easy way to design your brand or product label is to design your own. Use a template size or shape such as a circle, star, oval, rectangle or a custom shape. This way person will be able to design his/her label according to his/her own choices. For making attractive and eye-catching labels you can follow the following steps.

  • Choose an online design package.
  • Choose a shape.
  • Choose a material, paper is the most popular but many other options are available.
  • Choose images which you want to insert in your label
  • Add text which is relevant to your product.
  • Add QR or bar code of your product (optional).
  • Edit different layers (text, image, color, etc.) of an object according to your choice

Tips and tricks for selling candles

  • To sell you just put some of the finished "candle labels" on the table, in a basket ... however, you want to present them. In addition, some pre-decorated candles belong on the table as "display objects" so that customers can see what it is all about.
  • Another candle is needed to demonstrate to customers how the motif is stuck on. You need a candle and several motifs - if the motifs are stuck on and removed several times, they may be damaged. Therefore, some small, easy to work "sample stickers" should be kept ready. Here, for example, it is also a good idea to label a candle with several small, matching pictures. So later, you have another candle to sell - instead of one to throw away.
  • And of course, there is absolutely nothing against selling pre-painted candles! Candle labels and stickers can mean a nice extra income.





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