Working out at home has become very common these days, and with gyms slowly reopening many people say they may continue their home workout regimes. Here are some tips and tricks to make the most out of your home workout.

Online Fitness Programs/Classes

There are so many fitness program providers out there, however, some are better planned than others. For ladies worldwide, Bikini Body Guide has been a long time favorite, providing you with quick, HIIT training to build strength, muscle endurance, and flexibility. For science-based training ATHLEANX, Bret Contreras, and Jeremy Ethier provide great at home programs for your fitness goals. For those who prefer more fun workouts, there is plenty of online yoga, pilates, and dance classes available too! Check out your local fitness providers, they may have begun offering online services!

Resistance Training

This is an essential part of any balanced fitness program, resistance training allows us to build strength, muscle tone, and endurance. It is also essential for building bone density, and keeping our bone health optimal in the long run. Resistance bands, weighted plates, kettlebells, pull-up bars, and even whole barbell sets are available online. You don’t need to stock up on absolutely everything, but resistance bands and weight of some kind is essential. Programming drop sets, increasing the eccentric phase of a movement, and plyometrics can aid in getting optimal hypertrophy at home.

Partner Workouts

Partner workouts are a great way to get motivated and have some fun while you move. Grab a friend, or family member and pick a workout you’d like to try! Exercise such as boxing is great for cardiovascular and muscle endurance training and super fun to do with someone else. You could even try Acro Yoga to spice up your workout regime and increase body awareness, concentration, and strength while you’re at it.


This is a great way to get outside and explore running trails, as well as getting some fresh air. There are many different running styles too, which can be adapted to suit your fitness goals. Sprinting, long-distance running, HIIT running and even the leisurely jog are all great options to get you moving. For the outside runners, If you’re looking for extra convenience, investing in a treadmill can be a great way to keep you active from your own home. The treadmill footing is softer on the knees than the footpath, and the controlled speed and inclination can be tailored to individual training preferences.

Using Apps

Apps can be a great way to keep track of your fitness progress, and keep you motivated! Strava is a popular one amongst fitness enthusiasts globally, especially amongst runners and cyclists. You can track your running pace, route elevation, and many other factors. Zombie run is an app especially for runners, which plays an audial narrative of zombies chasing you to guide you through a HIIT based workout. Tabata interval timers are also a great way to time your workout moves, and motivate you to get moving.

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