Past year 2018 has ended with great and updated techniques in web design which changed the field of digital marketing.
This ended year user interface was getting increased and colorful web sites are attracting the users and sales increased.
Now I want to introduce some techniques that changed the view of the users.

1. White and black differentiation:
The designers are more focused on the differentiation of the pictures and content. They are separating the image and content by black and white background.
White background is used for the content because the user can focus on the content and the content is displayed short and bold which the user pay attention.
Black background is used for the image which adds boldness to the image and differentiates from whole page.

2. Innovative designs:
I came across so many websites and observed that the data visualization was updating day by day this happened all because of JS (java script). Live locations are placed in the websites for the users.
Animation was playing the major role in every website. Java scrip was used to give time laps for the animation and making the page more colorful.

3. Product illustrations and videos:
An average person remembers more information on images or videos when compared to listening.
So the designers must concentrate on the product visualization that can increase the sales and viewers of the website.
Illustrations created in the website can turn an average website into a unique which defines the product or business we promote.
People remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what they read, 80% of what they see & do!

4. Shades for images:
Giving shades to the images make it look highlighted and give the illusion of image is hovered and attract the attention of the users.
Shadows are the best way to keep the image naturally and give a depth illustration in the website images.

5. Responsive Web & Logos:
Changing the logos is the presenting trending in the web design industry. Google start the trend of updating and changing the logos. Present the Google search engine logo changes every day based on the day specialty.
Many multinational companies follow the trend like Microsoft, Volkswagen, Nike, Wal-Mart and so many others.

6. Eye Catching images:
Eye catching images is the best way to get the attention of users. These images are presented in a plain background which highlights the image by that we can show the product specifically.
This type of images we see in e-commerce websites to specifically mention the product and they can get the attention of the clients.

7. Detailed separation:
We discussed about eye catching images in that we use plain backgrounds to highlight the images that plain background is called negative space.
Negative space can be in any color which separates images from each other or from content. There are so many images in different websites which you can observe.

8. Animations, GIF's and Visual effects:
Users are more attracted to the animations, GIF and visual effects. People are likely to see then reading, so if we create a story about our product the user will pay attention towards it. I am personally a big fan of seeing stories and I think everyone prefer story then reading.
By using this technique some many websites and games are get the attention of the users and this technique can be used in any field and it’s many used in marketing sector.

9. Mean while interactions:
Mean while interactions are onetime events that bring cheers to the users like popping up or small animations that are found in websites and apps. Mean while interactions are called Micro interactions in technical terms.
Micro interactions are of four types. They are
• Triggers
• Rules
• Feedback
• Loops & Modes

10. Attractive colors:
Giving more than one color is called Gradient. Gradients 2.0 are the latest version that is used in web design to visualization. The present trend is using bright gradients & vibrant colors to get the users attention.
This type of styles can be created easily in CSS3 and looks good and modern.

11. Creative fonts and innovative Typography:
In 2018 web developers are using bold and different combinations of typo to create innovative designs.
Images are replaced with the bold typos and new typography techniques are used for the design. They give vibrate look and present it was trending.

12. Instant Backgrounds:
Your website is not loading in less than fraction of seconds than the users will decrease because the users get irritation.
For that problem there is a solution that is particle background should be loaded faster that will distract the user’s attention. This avoids all the problems and users didn’t get irritated and leave the page.

13. Creative page design:
This year designers are using the split page method to display image and content in the same page.
This helps the designer to describe the image to the users clearly with placing the content beside the image and it user friendly and more content can be displayed in one page.

14. Theme color hybrid icons:
Hybrid icons are icons that resemble the specific icon in animation figures and they are given the theme colors specified and suitable for the background or theme of the website.

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“Sai sindhu has been working has a content writer from her college days. She was Qualified and experienced technical Solutions provider. She also provides tips and usage of new software and technologies. She started writing articles from her college days. Presently she is working as a professional content writer and Web Developer in an IT company named as Cloudtext technologies