The beauty market is chock full of specialists who can help you with everything and anything you need as far as being the best version of yourself is concerned. For your hair, you can go to a hair stylist and for your face you can go to a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist. But for your smiles, you can go still go to your dentist. Yes, that’s right your dentist. Find out more about what dentists are up to these days and why people seem to be coming to them more than they did before.

That’s because a trip to the dentist these days is more than just having surface stains scraped off your teeth or more than being told you need to brush and floss more. Suffice it to say, your boring bi-annual check-up has evolved into a mind-blowing, life-changing cosmetic experience you won’t soon forget, given the lasting results you’ll see after.

If you’ve been having trouble smiling for your photographs or even getting ready for your close-ups because you are insecure about your smile and the state your teeth are in, chances are you qualify for a total smile makeover. A smile makeover is also known as a smile design, which is decidedly more than just whitening your teeth and calling it a day. A smile design entails looking at a person’s teeth and how they are framed by the lips. As with a beauty makeover, smile makeovers reinvent the way you smile and eventually dazzle the world. Click here for smile makeovers and get an idea of what treatments are involved to come up with a new you.

If you’re serious about getting a great smile, then you need to understand that smile makeovers particularly involve the possibility of having your teeth and gums overhauled completely. The point of a makeover after all is to take all that makes it bad and turn it into what will make you look stunning. Before you go running to the nearest cosmetic dentist though, it all starts with a careful and complete evaluation to determine the extent of work that you need to have done.

You may need a smile design if for example, too much gum shows when you smile. This can be fixed via a gum lift or a crown lengthening. This involves surgically pushing the gums up to reveal more teeth and the good news is that it is a fairly minor surgery you can have done at the dentist’s office. If the length and shape of your teeth are the problem you can have them re-shaped by having the dentist lengthen and round out the edges of your front teeth so you can look younger.

The dentist is able to shape your tooth by bonding a resin or porcelain veneer to it which doesn’t discolor like regular teeth and it lasts longer too. If you want pouty lips, your dentist can also make that happen for you by increasing the bulkiness of the veneer so that the upper lip is pushed up. Find out more about smile makeover and see what procedure may be best for you.

However, things may also go beyond just minor surgeries. Your bite for one, or the way your teeth fit together when your mouth closes is a major consideration when determining the best smile design for you. You can porcelain your way to dental heaven but if the bite is wrong, everything falls apart. Your teeth may need to be realigned before any veneers can be bonded to it, which means you may need to undergo some jaw surgery or at the very least, need to wear Invisalign braces to straighten your teeth. How much you need done will depend on your commitment to the procedure and how much money you have to afford it.

Again, always make sure that you get your teeth and mouth completely examined by the dentist so he or she can come up with the best treatment plan for you so you can dazzle the world once more with your great smile. Check out and have dental experts look you over so you can get the best smile makeover.

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