Braces can fix crooked, overcrowded, gapped, and misaligned teeth. A professional orthodontist like one that you will find at can help bring the confidence back in your smile. Once you have your braces, you should maintain healthy oral hygiene to prevent plaque buildup. Food particles can quickly hook on the braces, and without proper cleaning, it can lead to various dental problems. Here are different ways to take care of your oral hygiene while in braces.

Brush thoroughly

Brushing your teeth can be a challenge if you have fixed braces. If you have removable braces, remove them first so you can brush your teeth properly. Make sure that all areas of your teeth are reached. If you have permanent braces, brush from the top to the bottom of the wires. Take time to ensure that you remove food particles. Gargle before and after brushing as it will help loosen debris. It includes hard to reach particles and those that could be stuck between teeth or the braces.

Floss at least once a day

Flossing can also be difficult if you have fixed metal braces, but you still need to try your best to do it. Brushing alone is not enough because most of the time, it cannot remove all food particles that get stuck in your teeth and braces. Floss to eliminate food debris that you were not able to remove through brushing alone. According to an article published by Healthline, you must do this at least once a day.

Use interdental brush

Another option for cleaning your teeth while using braces is using an interdental brush. It is ideal for those who are having difficulties using traditional dental floss or do not like the feel of it. An interdental brush is a small brush with bristles that can reach areas that are difficult for a regular brush to reach. It also comes in different sizes so you need to choose one that will suit you. You may use it with a special gel that contains fluoride for strengthening teeth.

Do water flossing

Also known as water picking, it is another way to further clean your teeth after brushing, especially when you have braces. It has a part where you can add water. The water pressure coming from it will loosen food particles between your teeth and those that attached to your gums, thus removing them and preventing them from building up.

Get regular cleaning by your dentist

Aside from your scheduled adjustment and checkup with your orthodontist, you should also have a regular visit with your dentist for your teeth cleaning. Based on a post on WebMD, an annual cleaning with your dentist may be enough for those with no risk factors. However, since you are more likely to have oral problems without proper hygiene with your braces, it is best to do it at least twice a year.

Once your orthodontist removes your braces, you will probably use retainers. Continue with proper oral hygiene even after that to ensure that you keep a beautiful set of teeth.

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