Some cyclists and triathletes underestimate how important a proper road bike fitting is to their performance and their comfort. When you are pedalling thousands of revolutions per session you are also putting a lot of pressure on your joints. When you are not aligned properly to the bike then the joints are not loaded correctly and that can lead to injury. Compared to running, cycling has less impact on the body but injuries and aches and pains still happen. With a better set up you can really lessen the impact that has each time you ride.

Remember that it is all connected

Making one change is not the end of it. If you put your seat back then the saddle will need lowering and you may need to make the stem shorter. Everything on the body is connected and that is true for the bike too. Moving just one piece can affect other adjustments to varying degrees. Start with the cleat set up and work your way up if you are doing it yourself. A cycle coach can offer advice too or you can get a proper bike fit at the shop or even online. Cleats should be behind the ball of your feet by between 5 to 15mm. The saddle height should allow you to have good extension when your foot is down at the bottom of the stroke with about a 30 degree bend in the knee. But you do not want the saddle too high so that your hips are rocking. If you position the saddle on the lower side of things you get a smooth pedal when at high cadence. If you position it a little on the higher side then you get more leverage when you are at higher gears. Where you are in the range depends on what you ride, your riding style and your preferences.

It is best to adapt the bike to the body

Remember with road bike fitting it is best to adjust and adapt the bike to suit your body. Rather than trying to adapt your body when the bar positions need to be closer or higher, make the change to the bar. Consider too side-to-side balance concerns. If you find your hips are twisted slightly when you sit, then adjust. If one leg is shorter than the other or that is how it works as you cycle, then you could shim the shorter one.

Make sure you are balanced

When you are cycling hard if you have a problem with pain then you may need to re-balance the position you are in. A numb hand can be solved by moving the saddle down and back, or you can raise the bar or shorten your reach, or a combination of them. With a cycle coach helping you as well you can achieve maximum power you are able to sustain with less fatigue and pain. You can also improve the comfort of the ride in general, spread the load over more muscles, meaning you improve your endurance too.

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