Self-esteem in a vital aspect of one’s personality and greater amounts of self-esteem is said to make a strong personality. This does not mean one has to be proud and arrogant but adequate amount of self-esteem can make it easier for a person to go through life with dignity and without being crushed. A person with the right amount of self-esteem would be able to stand up against the obstacles of life and face it.

Having said that, one has to determine how much is the right amount. It is not that you can measure self-esteem and can go to a store and buy whatever amount you lack. Different people, in different societies and different context need different amounts of self-esteem to have a well-balanced emotional and social life. Self-esteem has to be built in a person through the growing years. The environment and the people one grows up around matter a lot in building a person’s self-esteem .However, one should remember that certain situations in life can bring down a person’s self-esteem and confidence- be it setbacks in the work front or household troubles or failing to living up to one’s own expectations. self-esteem can be improved through various techniques, following are a few ways you can try in order to enhance your self-esteem and self-confidence.


Self-love is an important factor when it comes to having a strong self-esteem. It is however, different from narcissism. It is advised that you realise what your strengths and positive qualities are, without becoming proud or self-obsessed. You do not have to list out every small thing you do but telling yourself that you have had achievements and that if you keep trying you can improve cab help in increasing your self-esteem.

Indulge in favourite activities

Indulging in things you love doing can work like an aphrodisiac. This in turn, makes you happier and increases your level of enthusiasm. You tend to feel interested in improving your skills and thereby your efforts are focused towards better performance. This not only makes you more confident, but the better your performance the more your self-esteem compounds and adds to your improving personality.

Speaking your mind

Sometimes when you speak your mind freely, it makes you feel liberated. Although it is not always appreciated and many people try to oppress this, there are people who would respect and uphold you r honesty. This would not only bring about respect from other people but your self-respect will also rise and you will feel better for yourself. If you are comfortable about your own opinions and thoughts, it will show in your confidence. If you are not sure and are forever, changing your opinions according to other people’s views, your self-esteem may suffer.

No one is perfect

Imperfection and flaws are part of being human. Although we might strive for perfection, for better and better performance, it is not advised to be obsessed with it and to incriminate yourself if you fail to meet the standards of perfection. This will lead to low self-esteem.

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