Building a web app from scratch is not an easy task, but not that difficult as well. You need some head up and research at first.

You have to make sure that you thinking about your target customers while developing a web app. Cause it won’t matter how useful or aesthetically pleasing your web app is. If it won’t benefit your customers, then it has no use.

Here, I share some tips on building a web app. This article will surely help you to make your own first one.


The first step is extensive planning. Without planning there is nothing. So plan what you want in your web app first.

You need to make sure that your planning answers these following questions:

  • How will you gonna build your first web app?
  • What methods and technologies you will need to make a successful web app?
  • What would be the main features of your web app?
  • How your web app will deal with the user data?
  • Do you need any professional help?

If you are satisfied with the answers, then you can move forward with other additional planning. Like time, budget, resources, etc. You can take any professional help on this matter. The main point is, you have to make sure that your plan is solid proof.

Gather information:

After planning, you surely get an idea about what type of information you have to gather now. Make a list and start working on it.

Do research and scanning on the key market insights to know about the latest trend. Also, gather knowledge about your potential customers' behavior, likes, and dislikes. This will give you an idea about what feature you need to implement in your web app.

Also research on your competitors as well. Observe thoroughly what they are implementing, will it work out or not. So that you won’t make a similar mistake. Research on competitors doesn’t mean you are copying their creation. You do you. What you are doing is to make sure that you are not falling behind or unsure about any trend.

Similarly, you can take inspiration from your favorite web app. This will also give you some idea.


Now start to giving your vision a structure.

There is a saying, “Create more than you consume.” That means, don’t spend much time on making plans or taking inspiration, do some practical work as well. Procrastination kills a lot of creativity.

Sketch your idea into a white paper and examine, will this is all you want in your web app? If you are satisfied with your design, then proceed to the next step. And if not then again make it. Remember, “Rome doesn’t build in one day.” Similarly, your first web app requires a lot of practice and patience. Draw until you are satisfied with the design.

Start designing:

After the mock-up design, start design and developing it for real. While designing you have to take care of the UI UX of the web app. Make sure your navigation buttons are in the right places and you stick with the standard.

Similarly, when talking about the technical part, that means developing. You have to make sure you have vast knowledge about HTML and CSS. I recommend you to use a reliable HTML/CSS framework when it comes to developing front-end interface. Like you can use Bootstrap

Semantic-UI, Foundation, Skeleton, UIKit, Bulma, etc.

Make it simple:

Simplicity is the key. Make it simple and minimum, by only focusing on the core functions of the web app.

After trying to giving it a fancy look, you may end up losing the gist of your web app.

Most of the top web application company in Bangladesh give more priority to the web app’s scalability and usability than its looks. Because looks can be deceiving, but functionality not.

Efficient but not totally bleh:

If a single web application can solve all the problems, then the user doesn’t have to use a thousand different types of app for every single activity.

Think about the most popular app Instagram. It constantly updating its feature to make it more user-friendly and handy. Now people spend more time on Instagram than Facebook. It also gives liberty to the influencers and small businesses to expand. And apart from its interactivity, it also looks and feels so intriguing.

So make sure you don’t ignore your web apps look and feel.

Take feedback:

After all the technical work is done, now its time for testing. Test your web app to the general public. Try to get their valuable feedback (it can be positive or negative) about your web app. To make your web app feasible, reliable, and usable one, you must take their feedback into consideration. And try to fix it, to improve the quality of your app.

Think about the quality:

After fixing all the problems, it’s time for the final step, ensure the quality. You can do it on your own or else you can hire a professional QA manager for this. This step will ensure that your web app is bug and error-free and ready to make its big debut.

Make it live:

Now it is the final time you are waiting for, make it live for the general public. Upload your web app to the designated server and don’t forget to constantly update it. So that your user doesn’t miss out any important info.

That’s it. I hope I was able to inspire you to develop your very first web app. And I also strongly believe that after reading this article you will be able to make an outstanding web app.

Author's Bio: 

Maqsood Rahman is the Founder of SEO Audit Agency, the best SEO services provider company in Bangladesh. He is addicted to technology and media trends and helps other companies with content strategies.