In of the industries that have helped to prosper the country is Bank and finance industry. Lot of applicants applies for this job through the Bank exam. Every student from commerce stream craves to get into the Banking Industry. Before applying for this, every student has to pass the 12th CBSE Board with first division in order to get into the field the student wants to get into. Usually facing the question paper first time makes the student nervous. Here are some tips given to write during the Bank exams and CBSE board:

Bank Questions paper tips:
Practice the Bank clerk question paper before actually writing the exams. This makes one known to the kind of questions asked.
The bank exams question papers are easily available on the net; one can easily search for them and solve as many problems as possible.
Assessing the pattern of question paper is very important which would help you to prepare.
Try to write down the most important topics and do them thoroughly
Prepare a time table and follow it
A bit of relaxation is important. Don’t exhaust yourself with too much practice so in the end you will not be able to write anything

CBSE board exam question paper tips:
Solve previous years’ question papers and solve as many answers as possible
Do not ignore your text books. Just remember most of the questions come from your text book, they are just re –framed.
Do not go for verbal practice. Write all the answers down.
Set your clock according to the exam schedule. It is usually for 3 hours. Try t solve your practice question paper in 3 hours.
Meet the concerned teachers and ask all your queries and be clear with all your basics.
Pre- board exams are an indication of how much you know. Learn from your mistakes and prepare harder.
Plan a schedule and divide the chapters on daily basis.

In order to get a nice job in the Banking Industry, one needs to prepare hard for the bank exam by practicing for the Bank exam question papers
and to be eligible to be able to prepare one need to pass CBSE board exams with flying colors. With the basic tips and practicing of CBSE board question papers, this goal can be achieved easily.

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