Being involved in a drunk driving accident can be absolutely terrifying and so can the process of finding a DUI Lawyer attorney to represent you. Here are some tips to help you in your quest of finding the right personal injury attorney.

1. Look for an attorney who not only specializes in personal injury law, but more specifically car accidents and drunk driving accidents.

2. Look for an attorney with proven experience representing the victims of drunk driving accidents. You can do a Google search or look in the newspaper for recent notable cases in your area with favorable outcomes. Look for any similarities between your situation and theirs. The lawyer who handled that case will be familiar with the legwork required to handle yours.

3. This may contradict the above statement, but don't immediately reach for the lawyer whose face is plastered all over billboards and in TV commercials. While this person may be popular and well-known, these firms tend to be very high-volume, meaning you'll be just a number to them. You want a firm who values quality over quantity, who will know you by name.

4. Accessibility is a priority when looking for an attorney to handle your drunk driving accident claim. You want a lawyer who you can reach and talk to any time you have questions. You also want a lawyer who will be handling your caseload rather than sending it all off to a clerk.

5. Look for an attorney who is compassionate to your situation. It can be a very emotional time for you, and aside from the paper work, sometimes what you really need is for someone to listen, someone who will help you stay positive throughout the draining process of filing a claim. When you have an attorney, who can stay upbeat and help you see the light at the end of the tunnel, it not only helps your frame of mind - it also helps you in your recovery.

6. Look for an attorney who is known for being aggressive in the courtroom. It may seem like a contradiction from the above statement, but the very best personal injury lawyers will be able to show you and your family genuine compassion while fighting relentlessly on your behalf in the court room.

7. Find an attorney who offers free consultations and doesn't collect money unless you do. This provides a no-pressure situation for you and grants you peace of mind during the process.

8. Find an attorney who is well-connected among medical professionals and is knowledgeable about injuries sustained in drunk driving accidents. He or she can steer you in the right direction when it comes to medical care and make sure you have the very best handling all aspects of your treatment.

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