If you want to buy a new suitcase, you should consider the following tips to choose the best suitcase that suits your needs. It must be recognized that not all types of travel bags are the same and it depends on our needs or travel preferences. Quantum Luggage is the best solution to all the luggage problems that we face at airports. It has a new, unique and multi patented design which makes your luggage a lot easier to maneuver

It is not the same to need a suitcase for 15 days as a suitcase for little use in occasional weekend trips. Nor is it the same to buy a suitcase to travel by plane usually than to travel frequently by train or other means of transport.

For example, there are many types of suitcases to travel by plane limited to a particular size / weight, as detailed in MeasuresMike.com, and in other means of transport you may have much more flexibility to choose which suitcase to buy without restricting yourself for certain measures / weight.

Do you want a suitcase with wheels or without wheels?

This question is quite controversial among various travelers. On the one hand you have to take into account that the wheels and telescopic handles allow you not to load the weight on your shoulders, but on the other hand it is also worth noting that almost all the wheels and telescopic handles add an additional weight to your luggage. In addition, they could slightly reduce the internal space of the suitcase.

Of course, in case you choose to have wheels, there are different types of wheels to choose from; from simple systems of only two wheels to four castors or other more advanced rolling systems.

Soft suitcase or hard suitcase?

Again, opting for a rigid suitcase or a flexible suitcase has its pros and cons.

Hard cases provide better protection for your luggage but they weigh more, are thicker (the interior space is reduced) and, not being so flexible, it is difficult to fit them in the available space or tight compartments.

Soft suitcases provide less protection for your luggage from scratches or bumps while traveling but they weigh less, offer more usable space and are flexible enough to fit into compartments or confined spaces.

At an intermediate point, you also have semi-rigid suitcases that could be your solution if you do not finish deciding if you prefer a soft or hard suitcase.

Choose suitcase for cabin or suitcase to invoice?

The measurements or dimensions of your suitcase are very important if you travel by plane. Each airline has certain restrictions of weight / size, and consequently implies that your suitcase could be suitable to travel in the cabin compartments without having to pay an extra cost or on the contrary you would have to check the suitcase to travel in the hold of charge paying the extra cost established by the airline.

So in the cabin luggage you have little space to carry luggage, but you can save on your plane trips if you are able to make a well-packed suitcase (do you know that there are vacuum bags for clothes that help you incredibly reduce space? ) or carry only the essential luggage. Before choosing which suitcase to buy to travel by plane, carefully check the dimensions or measurements of the suitcases according to each airline  with which you fly, considering that the wheels and telescopic handles could cause exceeding the established dimensions.

Brands and composition of materials

There is a large  list of good suitcase brands that offer a warranty for more years, spare parts or other additional benefits, so it could compensate you to invest initially in a brand-name suitcase. The composition of the materials is also clearly reflected in the strength / durability of it. For example, some rigid suitcases have their composite polycarbonate shell and offers quite good results: Polycarbonate is light and tends to deform rather than break, easily recovering the shape if it is pressed from inside the dent. We can also find that some materials are more or less waterproof.

Do you want the best technology?

For some time, a certain technology has begun to be integrated into suitcases, bags or travel backpacks that could be interesting to consider. You may initially think that you are not interested, but you may be surprised by the advantages of smart suitcases or scooter / scooter suitcases and end up being a priority when choosing suitcases.


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