Candle fragrance oil will make your creation that much more special. Especially since there are thousands of scents to choose from online. Your customers will no doubt have their favourites, so it’s always a good idea to offer a range of floral, woody, fruity, exotic and fresh to appeal to cover all bases.

Scent is pivotal to our moods, memories, and emotions. It takes us on a journey of nostalgia, reminding us of special times, places and people. Everyone interprets scent differently, so you might be surprised what your best sellers are, though it could also be useful to chat with other candle makers in craft groups online. Researching what their best sellers are gives you a good chance of choosing candle fragrance oils with appeal. Having a great smelling home has a tremendous effect on your mood. Of all the ways you might prefer to scent your home, soy candles scented with candle fragrance oils are a win-win because they add ambience from the flame as well as aroma from fragrance oils!

Now there are fragrance oils and there are fragrance oils. They are certainly not made equal! The ingredients and quality make all the difference. Some candle fragrance oils are diluted and made with cheap chemicals, others are premium grade, contain some essential oils undiluted and phthalate free. Some fragrance oils will give you a headache, others won’t impact your health, so choose wisely. Research reputable candle making supplies businesses that offer quality fragrance oils. Also ensure that your fragrance oil supplier adheres to the IFRA guidelines.

Candle fragrance oils perform better than 100% essential oils in candles. This is because the scent from pure essential oils doesn’t travel far, is subtle, volatile, evaporates easily or creates an unappealing scent. The theory that anything man made can’t be as good doesn’t always ring true. In fact, some natural substances are toxic.

Reflecting upon the space they might burn the candle in. Is it a small, confined bathroom space, or a large lounge where the scent will need to travel? You will need to offer more subtle scents in your range and the more powerful candle fragrance oils. Ideally, your candle fragrance will have a great cold throw, so it will make the room smell good, without even being lit. The hot throw once the candle is lit should be divine. Ensuring that your candle is covered and out of the sun will also serve to preserve the integrity of your candle fragrance.

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