Your hair is your crowning glory, and you want your hair to look great before leaving your house. There are instances when you feel like you have a bad hair day, but with proper styling, you can fix the problem.

There are issues though that might take a while to solve. These include annoying dandruff. No matter how great your hair styling is, when people see dandruff, they will not appreciate your look. It might only be aesthetic, but it could affect your confidence. When you speak in public, you will keep thinking about dandruff, and if people notice it. You might also feel the itch in your hair, distracting you from whatever it is that you are doing. These tips can help you solve the problem immediately.

Coconut oil

The oil is a natural remedy for dandruff, and it poses no significant risk when you decide to use it. With coconut oil, you can improve skin hydration, and prevent dryness that worsens dandruff. When you continuously apply coconut oil, it could decrease dandruff in a few weeks. With its antimicrobial properties, you can quickly solve the problem.

Aloe vera

It is a common ingredient for skin ointments, lotions and cosmetics. Some people also use aloe vera directly on their hair as a natural shampoo. This plant can help treat dandruff due to its antifungal properties. It can even prevent the growth of fungi that cause hair loss.

Let go of stress

Stress is a cause behind several diseases. Apart from affecting your mental health, it can also impact your physical health. Stress can manifest through hair loss and dandruff as it affects your immune system. Your body’s immune system weakens, making it difficult to fight off fungal infections, including dandruff. Stress leads to lots of health issues, and if you want to stop them from affecting you, manage your problems right away.

Apple cider vinegar

The acid level in apple cider vinegar helps to shed dead skin cells on the scalp. It can also help prevent dandruff. You can inhibit the growth of fungi with apple cider. You can add a few tablespoons of this vinegar to your dandruff shampoo. You may also add other essential oils. You can apply the mixture to your hair or spray and wait for a few minutes before rinsing for maximum results.

Try baking soda

This common kitchen supply can be useful in solving dandruff. It is a quick remedy that you can find at home. It helps in gently removing dead skin cells and reducing itchiness. Baking soda can inhibit the growth of fungi and reduce dandruff in three to four weeks.

Use the right dandruff shampoo

Perhaps, the easiest way to deal with dandruff is by using a dandruff shampoo meant for treating the problem. You can ask your skin doctor to prescribe the right hair treatment instead of relying on promises of shampoo commercials that they can solve dandruff. 

If you try any of these solutions, your dandruff problem will be over soon. You will stop being too conscious of how you look and become confident.

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.