Check out most interesting home improvement and interior design tips for small space in home:

Eliminate all objects that do not match the intended room and décor and / or are of no use - there is no room to accommodate unessential things. What you choose to keep must have a right place, because keeping everything organized and in place will automatically make the space appear wider and airier.

The choice of color palette should be softer and lighter shades that naturally increase a reduced space. Preferably choose a monochromatic decoration for kitchen, i.e. choose a single color and use it in shades of varying intensity. Painting single-tone walls and ceilings visually widen the room and, if the paint has a glossy finish, all look better, because by reflecting more light, it enlarges the space. If the furniture is chosen in tones identical to those of the walls, the space will become more harmonious and wider - the contrasting colors do the opposite, i.e. "cut" the space, shortening it. Reserve the bold colors for textiles and other small notes.

Natural light is a small space's best friend, flooding it with a surprising effect that seems to increase the tiniest nook. If it does not interfere with your privacy, avoid hanging curtains; if you want to dress the windows choose a simple light and semi-transparent roller blind or curtain, always in light tones. If there are walls with purely decorative features, you will gain by eliminating or cutting them to let in more light. The same applies to unused ports... it is better to remove them to gain space. Alternatively, choose sliding doors. If daylight is not abundant, invest in artificial lighting with ceiling spotlights, floor lamps and table lamps.

Designing a kitchen with small space can sometimes be hard. Not all kitchen cabinets are suited for small spaces but take up a lot of room. At Wholesale Cabinets you can personalize your kitchen exactly the way you want it. Choose size, design details, accessories, knobs and more, and get it delivered all ready to assemble. Find discount cabinets here and make room of all the space in your kitchen.

Along with natural light, mirrors are one of the best resources for making any space grow in the eye: hanging or lying on the floor, an XL mirror is one of the elements that cannot be missed in the smaller rooms of the house.

Avoid having furniture next to the room doors and walkways - besides being impractical, you'll squeeze even more space into your own space. Bet on “short” furniture - ottomans, poufs, armless chairs, low tables - so as not to steal precious inches and 'open' the room further. In terms of decorative objects, especially the taller ones, you should preferably place them close to the walls rather than in the open space.

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