Domain names are products in the world of technologies that have increasingly gained the attention of their audience. Purchasing Domains can help you generate revenue and it can be resold to others profitably which justifies your Return on Investment. Domain Name Investing is as tedious as buying a financial investment, there are no easy or right or wrong ways for buying and selling of domains.

There are no structured universal guidelines for choosing a domain name, but here are best 6 domain investing tips given by Mike Mann, who is known for snapping up 14,962 domain names in 24 hours.

#1 Filter the Right Method

To get your .com domain name on the top of the list, use a mixture of methods that helps you attain the right domain name. One of the most efficient filtering is crowd sourcing; crowd sourcing lets you decide what is the value of the domain & importance of the domain name according to a lot of people. In other words, if someone in the crowd has already registered with the name, the crowd bids it up & sends traffic to that term. Then, the crowd starts bidding these terms on Google, letting Google determine the ranking.

So, sit back & let the crowd decide the demand, when the supply is one amongst the huge marketplace, choose to buy according to the great price and keyword .com

#2 Buy the Correct Spelt Domain Names

In growing industries, they have found this tip to be useful because the buying & selling of domain names is the buyer’s market. Some of these keywords .com are sold for a few hundred dollars, but these keywords have a possibility of making more money & generate more traffic in the future when it is rectified with the correct spelling. Hence, stick to the traditional technique of investing on the correct keyword spelling.

#3 Use Web Based Selling Systems

There are many online selling systems such as GoDaddy, Sedo, Afternic, etc which are excellent for selling your great .com domain names online. There are also many brokers those act as intermediaries, but use the web based selling systems which are best established.

#4 Investment Time on Collecting Traffic

If cost you $15/yr and takes you 10 yrs. to sell that’s a $150 investment. If there are more than 3 “Smith Insurance” companies in the world then most likely over 10 years you can sell it for at least $1000 and collect some traffic in the meantime assuming it’s not a trademark and you have done nothing illegal.

#5 Negotiate Your Limits with Your Seller

When you are buying the best .com domain names that are worth the risk factor, bid a way too low of the cost as it’s the buyer’s market. Allow them to negotiate & test their limits until they sweat, so you know you are in the place for the right price.

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