Is it possible to enjoy best free online dating sites without paying? Here's a question that probably a lot of people in search of great love are asking.

If today, the majority of top free dating sites are paying, some offer a free version or a trial period (such as the offer "free Meetic 3 days" for example).

On many platforms, registration is also free, but subscription is necessary to chat with people we like. In this article, we looked at the "free" side of these different sites.

Free apps to meet people

Today, online dating sites for free are enjoying tremendous success! Faced with this phenomenon and facing an increasingly connected society, free applications dedicated to meetings appeared a few years ago. Practical, these allow you to flirt more directly. Among the famous free apps, there is Tinder, Badoo or POF (Plenty of Fish).

1st free dating site: TINDER

Tinder is a simple to use application that will allow you to chat with someone who meets your taste and preference criteria. With its many features, Tinder lets you get right to the point and refine your searches. On this app, singles are between 18 and 30 years old and most are looking for a "cool" and unsustainable meeting. On Tinder, free options are limited. Indeed, the number of "matches" (attraction to a profile) is limited to 50 days and the number of likes is not unlimited either.

2nd dating site for free: BADOO

Badoo is an application for single heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual ... With this application, everyone can find his soul mate! On Badoo, the profiles are very different from each other, the interface is nice and its operation is similar to that of a social network. On Badoo, there are no paid options, but credits that allow you to have full access to the options of the site, to know the identity of the people visiting your profile...

3er free dating site: PLENTY OF FISH

POF is another free application that allows you to meet people. Its interface is modern and its options and features make POF a complete and enjoyable application. On POF, you will be able to talk with singles between 18 and 40 years old in search of a lasting relationship and / or wishing to find the man or the woman of their life. If on POF, most options are free, some are paid and allow you to enjoy the features of the site in an unlimited way.

Free registration, but paid options

Today, most online dating sites offer to register for free. However, on some platforms, it is impossible to discuss with members without subscribing.

This is particularly the case of Elite Reencounter, a platform for the elite of singles wishing to find love with a big A.

On this site, the registration is completely free, but to take advantage of the platform and its options, you will have to pay a subscription of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.
Edarling is another affinity dating site where registration is free, but features are paid for. You will need to choose a subscription of 1, 3 or 6 months to discuss with other members of the platform.

Attractive World is a so-called high-end site where it is also necessary to subscribe a subscription (1, 3 or 6 months) to take advantage of the options of the platform.
Free dating sites, but...

Some sites have decided to divert the classic pattern of online dating platforms.

This is the case of AdopteunMec, whose operation is quite original: only women will have the opportunity to choose a man they like. Over time, this originality has attracted a large number of women wanting to find love.
On this site, registration is free for men and women, but only the latter can access all the features without paying anything. For you gentlemen, it will therefore pay a subscription, complete your profile by providing some personal information and highlighting your profile to attract the female.

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