Did you know that spending time outdoors can lead to a healthier and happier life? Well, according to an article published in Business Insider, there are many health and psychological benefits of staying outdoors. Among these benefits are improved memory, lower chances of depression and lower blood pressure. The article was written in the context of nature walks, but who can say that breathing fresh air in your backyard will not work?

Spending a lot of time indoors under the glow of fluorescent lights will not be good for long-term health and sanity. Many people have been turning their backyard or patio into a relaxing refuge. Of course, part of creating a mini house outside your home is installing an elegant outdoor TV: LED / LCD / plasma. Any of these will work. But because there are many more items outside the house, its incredible entertainment system needs a practical TV deck.

Finding the right outdoor television covers needs practical considerations. You cannot choose the first thing you see. There are several things to think about before paying for an efficient TV cover, here are some of them:

Get a weatherproof TV cover

Weather protection is a must. An outdoor television is much more expensive than the normal ones that you usually use inside the house. If you take care of your indoor TV, your flat screen or outdoor plasma TV is even more attractive. But it is understandable since there are many elements to fight outdoors, one of them is the weather. The weather changes constantly and the weather changes every season. Changing outdoor TV covers according to the season is very impractical, so choose materials that resist the heat of the sun during hot summer days, cold during winter and everything else.

When the weather is too cold, there is a tendency for the crystalline fluid in the system to freeze. That would interrupt reception on the flat screen TV. During extreme heat, there is also the possibility of a short circuit inside the TV. So, the first thing on your checklist when buying an outdoor TV deck should be your ability to withstand all weather conditions.

Most weather-resistant outdoor TV covers are also dustproof. If you do not want moisture, cold or mold to penetrate your TV screens, you do not want the dust to take over as well. There is also another element that you have to protect your outdoor TV from: bird poop. Yes, it happens.

Make sure the inner lining of the cover is smooth

You want an outdoor TV cover that also prevents scratches. Some TV decks have soft interior linings, some are also padded. Obviously, the padding will provide better protection. It is the outside world, after all; Lots of things can happen. Some people might be playing catch and the ball will end up destroying the TV. A padded cover could avoid that. The children could be throwing things. And again with the bird, a bird could fly right on your TV screen. While the TV is turned off, make sure it is protected with its cover.

Measure your TV before going to the store

When it comes to outdoor TVs, you have to go big or go home. Seriously, the outside world is much bigger, so you can't have an outdoor TV under 55 inches. Actually, you can, but why do you want to do it? Its backyard can accommodate so many people, and they deserve a bigger screen to enjoy any movie, series or championship game. Before buying outdoor TV covers, you must measure the screen and wall brackets, if there are screens on them. The right size is important since you don't want your cover to be too loose. This will only give space to accumulate dust. Nor can you buy a cover that is too tight; It will not do well that the screen has no room to breathe.

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