Finding a perfect job is just like a dream come true.Confidence helps to achieve your dream. Dream,plan, try and stretch yourself to get that job you desire.Treat job

hunting like a job and schedule specific hours to work on it.

Positive attitude is the primary quality for entire job.Remind yourself of all the positive qualities and skills you bring to any job.Try to adopt all positive

qualities from others.Always greet people you meet with a smile.Be adaptive to change and solve the problems.creatively Show your inner confidence to outside the

world,and people can attract to it.If you are trying for a new job, highlight your positive qualities and change your negative character into good one.Learning is the

other factor.If the job required a new technology, take it as a challenge and try to learn new things.Try to learn more technical skills so that you are more valuable

in the job.

Show alertness and freshness to make a positive impression of you.It helps to impress the interviewers positively.Recognize new situations are likely to create stress

but you can handle the stress knowing you are capable and will get through it.Try to schedule new hobbies which keep you feeling good and also try to Schedule in time

to exercise as it is good for the body and good for the head.Give yourself credit for every step you take and celebrate each victory no matter how small.Make a target

list for finding the perfect and good job.Find the job openings in all the companies and check that matching to your talent and skills.This is the effective way to

find the job.

Cover letter which helps to get an overview about the previous job experience and qualities to make you the right person for the right job.For impressing the person

who is going to look at your letter by mentioning his/her name in your cover letter instead of the normal salutation.Never send a resume without cover letter.Resume,

which makes the first impression about the applicant. In your resume, specify what you can do for the company and how you can solve their problems in the job you are

applying for.Resume which provide a summary your skills, abilities and accomplishments.

Develop your telephone interviewing skills.Many employers use telephone interviews to “screen” potential employees.The interviewer is a human relations person; he

will check your ability to communicate effectively via telephone and whether you really meet the minimum qualifications for the position for which you have

applied.Develop your face-to-face interviewing skills.An employer who is interested in you will want you to visit their offices and participate in personal interviews

conducted by one or more potential supervisors, potential co-workers, and one or more human relations person.The technical supervisors, they primarily want to evaluate

how well you would perform on the job and whether you would fit in with potential colleagues.

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