After considering a sunless tan, you may wonder if there are any spray tanning dangers that you should be mindful of. The only true dangers are minimal and do not pose a threat to your health unless careful preparation and aftercare are followed. These suggestions are more or less professional tan machine common sense. However, it is necessary to be aware of these additional tips to promote healthy skin.

One of the most important spray tanning dangers is the false security a tan may imply to some people. Just because you have a tan does not mean that you can not still get a sunburn or that you are impervious to ultraviolet radiation. Just like a natural suntan, the same dangers posed to your skin's health are present. A little precaution to prevent any ill effects to your skin will ensure you have a safe, healthy, and happy tan.

A spray tan will increase your skins SPF (sun protection factor) by 2 or 3 points, so unless you use suntan lotion or protection when in the sun for an extended period, you are still subject to the harmful effects of the sun's radiation.

Shortness of breath from inhaling the mist is another possible spray tanning danger, avoid breathing in the mist when getting your tan. There is no hazard to mucous membranes; however, avoid spraying the eyes, nose, and mouth area to prevent any possible adverse reactions. You can apply the sunless solution to your face by hand, or hold your breath and close your eyes and mouth when this area is applied.

Aftercare is especially important to promote healthy skin; a natural moisturizer will allow your skin to remain supple and give a beautiful sheen to your tan. Moisturizers will also naturally prolong your sunless tan.

You can successfully have a healthy tan using spray tanning and sunless tanning products. Keeping your skin healthy and free of problems usually associated with a traditional tan is easy and worry-free. Nevertheless, there are minimal spray tanning dangers, easily avoided by common sense, and a multitude of benefits and advantages.

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