Drawing is an important skill that will benefit children through their growing age. From toddlers to older children, they love to demonstrate their artistic skills from scribbling to creating shapes and structures with Play-Doh. Drawing boosts children's communication and cognitive learning skills.

Children will enjoy learning how to draw from their childhood. Since art is connected to other developmental stages, your kids must learn to draw from their young age. Children start learning how to draw by themselves. They start by attempting to use crayons to create artwork like scribbles. How do parents continue to encourage their interest in drawing? Below are stages of drawing that parents need to consider.


Drawing is a skill that develops continuously. Drawing abilities can be innate to some children but others need to be taught. It is a childhood skill that needs to be learned, developed, and practiced. Since it is a continuous skill, your child’s drawing would not be perfect on their first attempt. There are stages of drawing that children need to pass through. They will become better at drawing as they go through these stages.

  • Identifying shapes and images
  • The first stage is when children start to identify images and shapes. As they recognize, they learn to imagine how to draw the objects. The shapes are vital to their future drawings. They will use the identified shapes to draw pets, houses, humans, and many more.

  • Drawing shapes and images
  • The next stage after identifying shapes and images is when they begin to draw. As they grow older, they learn to draw the images and shapes they have recognized. Children start to draw objects like houses and create stick figures with circles, squares, and lines. As the child grows older, the drawing becomes more complex. They begin to detail their drawings more.

  • Perfecting shapes and images

What’s more, when they can identify and draw with shapes and images - they become perfect with the skill. Older children begin to create more perfect drawings. They enjoy adding details and perfection to what they have drawn. They scrutinize their drawing with their initial intentions. They make necessary corrections. They add more colors and create accurate drawings.


Children need the help of their parents and teachers as they learn to draw. Here are ways you can help a child.

  • Understand their age group
  • You must understand the difference in their age group and the stages of drawing. When you know this, you can decide how to guide a pre-schooler differently from a grade-1 child. Understanding their age abilities is important as you help them learn how to draw.

  • Allow their creativity
  • As you watch and guide a child to learn how to draw, allow them to be creative. You must not control and order what they draw, but leave them to practice with creativity.

  • Use specific drawing guides
  • Use specific drawing guides to train children how to draw. Teaching them this way can build their morale and skills in drawing. Pick some available and suitable YouTube drawing lessons to teach the child. Sunshine Kids Art. YouTube videos have step by step guide to draw. Children watch them over and over until they understand how to draw the object.

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