Australia is a one of the developed nation in the world. Being a developed nation, and due to less population it provide number of jobs which is the best opportunity for all the people who lives there and who comes from the other countries. Sure the money is great so to live the best life we have to do the job and study is the important factor for getting a job. For this Australia provides the best facilities for higher studies and training skills. To do the work in industry and for getting a jobs in Australia.These things plays a very important role. Job vacancies in Australia is in many fields such as technical, management, medical, mechanical, mining etc.There are great similarities between working conditions in Australia and working condition in UK. The timing of working hours in Australia is 37 hours from Monday to Friday and also provide the payment for overtime and holiday and sick leave entitlement. There are many different areas in Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and Adelaide which provide the best opportunities for employees. On the basis of economy, the employment market in Australia is including in automotive industry which handles about 40% Australia’s total container trade each and every year. The Australian employment market is dominated by natural resources such as minning.It is the best way to enter into the Mining industry of Australia. But for this people should have relevant experience and knowledge about this field. This market is getting very competitive with others companies so it is not very easy to enter into the mining industry. So the companies wants that people who apply for this job are experienced in this field. If you want to do job in this field then at least you should have experienced about 2-3 years. For this it is best to start now where you live and get some experience. You can also start your job from small sub contractor to give the best start for your career. They may not pay as much as the big companies but with the help of these companies you can get the valuable mining experience and then you can apply in the Australian Minerals Industry which is one’s of Australia’s most important industries and it provide direct and indirect benefits for all the Australians. You can also get the experience to do the job in medical field. For this, you should have good practical skills, theoretical knowledge and personal development. The demand for qualified and experienced staff to fill the growing number of medical jobs in Australia is set to continue.So, if you want to make a career in modern medical field in Australia, contact to the recruitment specialist who gives you the proper guideness about this field .Due to all these you can get the experience for industry worK in Australia.

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