Everybody who uses vaporizes or electronic cigarettes knows that objects used for this guilty pleasure are not cheap at all, especially if you like to enjoy quality things. It is said that everything good comes with a higher price, so, if you care about your investment, you should take good care of it. There are many places where you can find quality vaping gear, like MigVapor and others and you don’t even have to leave the house, because they are all online. Now, a question comes to all vape users’ minds: how do I clean and maintain my vaping gear in its’ best shape as long as possible?

If you follow some of the advices mentioned below, you can enjoy the amazing experience offered by your vaporizer as long as possible.

What do you need

First and foremost, every piece has to be cleaned individually and with a lot of care. Then, you need to maintain each piece in a good condition and clean. You can do that with a paper towel that will help you tidy the working space, a Q-tip for reaching tight corners, grain alcohol and warm water.

How to clean the batteries

The batteries require special attention. You shouldn’t let them die out, because it will be hard to charge them again. Also, make sure that, once a week, you wipe their heads, but, while you are at it, check them carefully to see it they have any clear signs of damage (leakages included). Dirty inserted in essential spaces shortens the battery’s life.

How can we clean the tanks?

The tank is one of the most important part in a vaper. It is important to clean it and keep its’ channels as clean as possible if you want to enjoy the original taste and flavour for a long time. You can clean it once a week or once in two weeks. The tank can be cleaned in a simple way, just by rinsing it under water, but before you do that, make sure that you have detached the coil.

How about coils?

There is no simple way to clean the coils. The moment for changing it depends on your vaping frequency and its’ resistance. You will know when your coil is burned out thanks to some unique characteristics: vapour decrease, drained out flavour and burnt taste. You you want your electronic cigarette to live longer and produce high quality vapours, change the coil as often as possible or required according to brand and, during the process, clean the tank as shown above.

If electronic cigarettes are your friends, you should use quality ones, to avoid health problems or un-wanted side effects. You can enjoy your favourite flavour in a safe way for a long time if you take good care of them.

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Md Rasel is a professional blogger.