Every time you attend the wedding, you can always find beautiful images of those bridesmaids. The way that the brides choose their maids of honor can always mirror their distinctive taste. In order to flatter for the wedding theme and make the ceremony even more wonderful, when they choose their bridesmaid dresses, they always take various elements into consideration so as to ensure everything at the ceremony keep in a harmony style. How to become a chic modern bridesmaids! Here I will reveal the secret of this.
Tips 1: Different styles in the same color, Different colors in the same style, Totally different may not be best
Let me explain what I said above. For modern wedding ,there are always more than 1 bridesmaids attend at the spousal. At this time, when they choose bridesmaid dresses, if they would like to take the same style, thus they had better pick different colors for the dresses. Similarly, if they take the same color, they can choose different styles, just as the old saying goes “harmony without uniformity”. If each maid of honor choose totally different suits, that will lead to a turbid visual effect.
Tips 2: Simple but Vigorous, Convenient and Comfortable
Actually, the bridesmaids should always help the brides with various things. So at this time, simple style will be the best choice. On the one hand, simple dress without unnecessary frills will never come into a conflict with the wedding gown, on the other hand, simple style is always light and comfortable which will be easily to stress the vigor and benefit to move around at the same time. Avoid to be too sexy! For the fabric, you had better choose chiffon, tiffany.
By the way, I say that bridesmaid dresses should avoid too many frills doesn’t mean that they will not be beautiful! In fact, exquisite details at the design will accent the beauty. For instance, a chiffon added to the waistline will promote your glamour.
Tips 3: Cooperate with the color theme of the Spousal
If the bride have already set a color theme for the wedding ceremony, you have got a definite clue! Generally, the color of bridesmaid dresses is always lighter than the wedding theme. If there is not a theme, then you have various options. But remember, you should take the decorations of the wedding and other elements into consideration. Those elegant and modest colors are your best choice. But remember, avoid choosing those rose, gold and other flamboyant colors at the ceremony, otherwise it will lead to a serious effect.
Tips 4: Pay attention to the accessories
a) If the bridesmaid stick to wear a necklace at the nuptial, pearl necklace will be the best choice. The shining pearl will form a great harmony with the ivory or white wedding gown of bride. Avoid luxurious jewellery, or it will make you look a little vulgar.
b) Choose soft handbag. Different from handbags for evening ball, handbags for bridesmaids are always simpler and smaller. Chiffon, crystal and ribbon couldn’t be better to decorate the bags.
c) Bouquet are very important. Flowers are regarded as one key decorations at the wedding. So choose beautiful bouquet for maids of honor.
d) Hairstyles are quite important. In general, make a little difference at the hairstyles will create a quite good visual effect.
Kindly Note:
Prepare a comb, a mirror, necessary cosmetics and facial tissue in your handbag so as you can refine the make-up in time.

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