Coming up with an invention is generally not easy. To begin with, there are many things that have already been invented. An inventor, therefore, runs the risk that his inventions have already been invented by another inventor. In addition, an investor can believe in a certain invention, but other people don't see it at all. Especially convincing investors is often difficult.

Most inventions must first be designed and built, which in many cases costs a lot of money. There are many inventions that arise from daily frustrations. So apparently there is a problem with something and an inventor goes to work to solve the problem. If the problem is solved by the inventor, the inventor has made an invention.

The best thing about coming up with new inventions is that anyone can try. Thinking of possible problems and coming up with a suitable solution for this is then an important part of the work of an inventor. Weeks pass without a good idea and then suddenly you have it, there is a possible solution that can be seen as an invention. marketing the invention.


The patent right only gives an inventor the right to an invention for a certain period. Patent rights can be applied for in various ways, such as only within Europe or worldwide. Applying for patent law is not easy, because good research has to be done first to see whether a certain invention has not already been invented by someone else. In addition, applying for patents is expensive and this will not further guarantee the success of the invention.

A good invention can make someone very wealthy like patent law is well arranged. All final products that are sold provide the inventor with a certain percentage. An invention does not necessarily have to be very complicated to be successful. Even relatively small simple things can be successful as inventions. Consider, for example, the paper clip or the orange flag on the back of a children's bicycle. The creation of a new website or other services can also be seen as an invention.

It is not the case that all inventors are automatically involved with patent law. Certain inventions or ideas can also be protected by design law or copyright. In all cases, it is first important to obtain the correct information from a specialized lawyer or lawyer. Simply keeping an invention secret can also be seen as protecting an invention. The difficulty with this is that sooner or later most inventors will have to make their invention public in order to actually develop

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