Perhaps one of the most intense moments in life is the arrival of the first baby. And age does not matter. You may be very young when you first become a parent, or older, still it's never easy.

New parents are all the same: dark circles, tired, disoriented, distressed, but with a huge smile on their lips. And it is that the arrival of the baby is a beautiful and special moment, but it has a complicated side, it is better to be well prepared for it.

Everything you need to know if you are going to be a first time parent

Before the arrival of a baby, you have to be prepared as best as possible. There are many ways to do this since the arrival of the first child poses changes at various levels: economic, emotional, couple and family relationship.

It is certainly a process that is unlike any other. For this reason we have collected parenting tips by trusted Mom's that will undoubtedly help you in this new stage. Remember that this only happens once, it is better to enjoy it fully.

1. Organize the logistics of the day of delivery

Agree on what to do the day labor begins. How will they get to the hospital? What happens if the mother is in her workplace? How long does it take to move? Who will take care of the suitcase?
In short, you have to have all the details about what may happen that day and how to solve it. This will give them certainty and peace of mind.

2. Body temperature

You have to be careful not to cover the baby too much or too little. Sometimes this part is complex for new parents.

The secret to knowing what to do is to cover the baby with an extra garment that we use. To have a reference to your body temperature, you have to touch your back, because your hands and feet are usually colder than the rest. Although it is important to cover it from drafts, especially the first few days, to avoid colds.

3. Hygiene

The hygiene of the caregivers during the first days is essential. Before holding the baby, you must wash your hands.

This recommendation is for anyone who intends to hold the child without the necessary hygienic measures. Failure to wash your hands can contaminate your baby with bacteria and germs, which could cause colds and infections of all kinds. In addition, bottles and pacifiers must be properly sterilized. During the first weeks this is important to keep diseases and infections away.

4. Bath time

Bathing your baby for the first time is a unique experience. But certain aspects must be taken into account so that everything goes well. The water should be at an optimal temperature: warm, that is, you have to take care that it is not too hot. The recommended temperature is between 35 and 37 degrees Celsius, to be exact.

Soap and shampoo should be baby-friendly. If you are going to get into the bath, the person holding you should wear a t-shirt to prevent the water and soap from causing the baby to slip.

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