Are you an e cigar lover but you lack a means of accessing it? Worry not. Good news is that you can now buy e juice online and receive it as soon as you need it. Some individuals argue that accessing it at the store is better since they can choose from the many options presented to them, but the truth is, things have been improved, and even if you decide to buy e juice online, you will be presented with as many options as you would have gotten from the store. Moreover, buying online is convenient; you get the e juice at the best prices and saves you time.

However, just like when shopping for other products, buying e juice online requires a lot of caution to ensure that you get what you want. It is time to look beyond the fancy packaging as displayed online and perform your due diligence to know what exactly you are buying. How do you do that?

Check the website reviews

Good online sellers will have a comprehensive website to display their products. Forget the Instagram and facebook reviews. The real ones lie on the business site. Check what people are saying about their products. If you find more positive reviews than the negative ones, then the site could be legit, and you can try them out.

Know your nicotine level

Nicotine strength is paramount. You need to understand the level that can satisfy you fully is based on your needs especially if you are trying to quit smoking. The tobacco cigarettes that you previously smoked contained a high nicotine level, and therefore, it is recommendable to start with a high nicotine concentration and with time, you can shift to a less concentrated e-liquid. Before making an online order, check how the e juice is labeled in mg/ml and if you are not sure which one will work for you, ask for assistance from the online customer care service providers. Do not the first one that comes to the display.

Check for regulation and safety

E-Cigarettes are becoming more popular with more and more individuals shifting to their use. This has led to an increase in the number of e-liquid manufacturers popping up. You should consider where the e juice was manufactured and check if it is safe for consumption. Do thorough research before choosing the brand to go for. Ask where it was produced and to top it all, check for childproofing to ensure that you can keep it away from children’s reach.


The goal is to save money and you, therefore, want to go for the best rates. One way of saving money is by purchasing the e juice in large quantities, but unfortunately, this might deny you the chance to test different flavors. In this case, you need to buy what you can comfortably afford by taking different varieties in small packages. You should also consider prices from different providers to know the market rate before going ahead with the purchase.

These tips will enable you to get not only what you want, but what you need or great fun and satisfaction. The key is, be careful and do comprehensive research when purchasing the substance online.

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media ethusiast.