Choose A Stand Alone Tub
Some of the bathrooms are just too small for a shower. A standalone tub with faucet( tap) is perfect for small bathroom and also it gives wonderful look This type of bathing experience can be make you feel soo relaxing and luxurious and also it save water and small tub fill up much quicker.

Prefer Barn Door As Compare to Hinged Door

Oftentime we left door open in small bathroom can be very congested. Adding a barn door, or a pocket door can really add a lot of space to room or bathroom. Usually we should open bathroom door for light or using sink open door make it difficult

Install A Compact Wall Mounted Vanity
This is a trick we use when the just isn’t enough room in the space for a 21″ depth vanity. We find it’s more important to have proper space around fixtures than have crowd the bathroom with oversized units that make the bathroom look small.

Choose Bright Colours
Dark colours in small space bathrooms will make them appear to be even smaller. Add colour and brightness in the space to brighten it up and make it feel larger.

Install Inset Wall Niches
When space is at a premium it’s better to get your personal items off your tub, or shower surfaces, and this is especially helpful if you don’t have ANY storage space. A wall niche can be tiled, or you can have a metal unit installed in a variety of finishes.

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