If you need to pick out a good self-storage facility then chances are you will probably check on the internet or yellow pages. Most large cities have a number of these kinds of facilities, each one offering a range of services at a variety of different costs. It can be tricky deciding which one is just right for your needs. That's why I have compiled this short list of my 4 top tips for selecting a secure ipswich storage facility. Read on as I explain the most important things to look for when choosing one.

1. Location, location, location. This is often the single most important factor when choosing a good self-storage facility. It needs to be accessible but not in an area where high land rents make it too expensive to use. I always try and avoid city center facilities if I can. Look for a place on the edge of town but not too far out so that you can get there in a hurry to pick up some important items if you need to.

2. Do they offer a range of different storage options? There's no use hiring a huge container just to put a fridge and a bike in it. Look for a self-storage facility that offers a range of storage options from single crates for small individual items right up to full-sized containers of the kind that are used to transport goods around the world.

3. Make sure you can get access whenever you need it. Some smaller facilities often restrict access times to weekdays and evenings meaning that it’s not always possible to get into your goods. Try and select a secure storage provider that offers 24-hour access but make sure that they don't charge extra for the privilege.

4. If you have anything delicate to store such as books or fine clothing, then ask about the availability of climate-controlled storage. A growing number of self-storage providers are offering this service and although they cost a bit more you can be secure in the knowledge that your valuable antiques or personal items will be stored in the best possible environment.

Choosing a good self-storage facility is not as straightforward as it might appear at first. There are a number of things that you should take into account but if you keep the points above in mind you won't go far wrong and your prized possessions will be well looked after.

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