After using your Virtual Reality Headset for quite some time, there is the likelihood of selling it for various reasons. One reason could be that you want to upgrade to another version for various features that the current one doesn’t have. It could be you are selling because it is not the right one for you. Whichever reason you could be having, selling your VR headset requires you to take your time so that you do not have a hard time getting a buyer. You need to prepare it for selling as well as identifying the platform you want to use for selling.

To increase the chances of selling it sooner, you need to consider some tips. So what are some of those tips you can use when it comes to selling your VR headset? Here is list of a number of them;

1. Tidy the headset While it’s normal for a VR headset to look clean by just glancing at it, there is usually a lot of unseen dirt that needs cleaning. The headsets can act as carriers for bacteria and that is why they should be cleaned to get rid of any kind of skin related dirt in form of sweat, earwax, scalp and hair among other potential dirt. A cloth liner or wet wipes can be used for cleaning and any unsuitable cleaning products avoided.

2. Check that all elements are in good working condition
Nobody wants to purchase a non-functional headset even if it’s for a throwaway price. A partly functioning VR headset will not be getting any buyers, hence the need to ensure that all parts are working properly before placing it up for sale. Replace any parts that may seem damaged.

3. Decide on where you intend to sell your device
There are couple a number of websites or platforms that one can use when selling their devices. A number of websites have a large audience such that your device won’t take a lot of time before getting an interested buyer. You should however be honest about the specs of your headset so that your sale process will go about smoothly. You can also use your social media accounts to create awareness on the device you are selling to your friends and followers.

4. Look for the perfect price
When selling your VR headset, the price should be reasonable, not too high and not too low. Set a price depending on the current situation of your gadget. If you are not so sure about the price you should be selling at, compare prices in the selling platforms for the same device and then decide on yours.

5. Take some quality pictures
The first impression pays a lot when it comes to selling devices especially if the transaction is taking place online. A number of convincing photos showing the current state of your headset may help a lot when it comes to the buyer’s decision making.

Those are some of the most helpful tips to bear in mind when it comes to selling your VR headset.

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Misty Jhones