But a beautiful smile does not always come naturally. Sometimes it needs extra work. This could mean anything such as straightening teeth with 6 month braces summerville sc. Or it could mean repairing gaps in between the teeth or chips that make smiling embarrassing. This article written with the help of best dentist in Lexington, CA.

Bleaching teeth is a make over must. Over time teeth get stained with coffee and smoking. Whitening teeth will remove years from your smile.

Another smile makeover is to see how your bite connects. There should be no overbite or underbite. You should bite down on a bite tray to see the conformity of your teeth. Do you bite without stress or friction?
When doing a smile makeover follow this guide

* First examine the patients bite. Is the jaw to recessed or is it to forward?

* Look at the alignment of the teeth. Are any teeth overlapping? Is there room for other teeth to grow in? Each person is different so try to come up with options for this individual situation. 6 month braces summerville sc may be an option to consider.

* Consider the dental needs of this patient. What fillings do they need? And what urgency is required. Pain in a tooth can contribute to the urgency.
* Whitening teeth is usually at the top of the list for most people. Do inform them that crowns cannot be whitened.

Other Things to be Considered
* A smile makeover involves several different things. Just like a jigsaw puzzle it will bring together the various elements of your individual smile. The whole purpose is to create an improved version of what you already have.

* 6 month braces summerville sc will probably be done by using the new Invisalign trays. These are easy to use and for adults will accomplish great results in a short amount of time. This type of braces will use clear trays that are replaced every two weeks. This will gradually move your teeth into a much better position.

* When having large fillings placed do consider that composite resin will pick up coffee and other stains over time. However, if you use porcelain inlays and onlays you will not have this problem. Because they are made of pure porcelain they do not attract stains. This makes them actually better suited for anterior or front teeth.

* If a procedure is suggested that you are not familiar with do not hesitate to get a second opinion. Most dentists do not mind anyone asking their opinion on a treatment. If your dentist does mind that is a red flag warning for you.

When looking to see if your bite is in alignment turn sideways and look into the mirror. Now lay a ruler from your forehead to your chin. Is the line straight or does it slant? Your chin should be in the same straight line as your chin. Do go in to a cosmetic dentist and speak with them about your concerns. They can suggest options to improve your smile.

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