Speed-reading is one of the most effective and useful methods to gather the important information quickly, it is not all about viewing a couple of statements only, but it is based on understanding the written material in an effective way. It can be calculated on the basis of time, which is taken by a reader to study a section of text or paragraph. It is not that easy to test, as it depends on the user’s interest on any topic, so the results may also vary sometimes.
Most of us generally perform our daily activities on computers, and is normal to read many documents in a day according to our job requirement. Proper speed reading strategies can be beneficial to read text on your computer systems or books, which can increase your work efficiency. Here are some of the tips, which can be used for improvising your reading speed on the computers:
Easy Scrolling and Processing: A reader has an advantage to quickly navigate the pages of data while reading on computers. Adjusting the computer resolution, font size can be very helpful to understand and read the data in a better way. According to a recent research, it is found that text written in Arial font is the best for speed reading techniques . Apart from that, you can break text into two columns on your screen, which will help you to make an easy association of text rather than scrolling the whole page.
Pointer Position: It can be a good practice to keep a track on the data through your computer’s cursor, as it helps you to establish concentration while reading. So, Practice reading and move down your system’s cursor according to your reading flow.
Distance from your System: Appropriate distance from computer can also play a very important role for effective reading, so your eyes should be a little far from the text, which is displayed on computer to establish a better connection. In addition, you can also adjust the height of your chair according to convenience, which can provide you the feeling of comfort while reading.
Appropriate Lights. Having appropriate background light is another important factor to read faster , as reading in insufficient lights can put more strain on your eyes, which can make you tired and distract you from reading. So try to have proper lighting while reading on your system to have more efficiency while reading.
The above-mentioned tips can be very useful for those, who are planning to improvise their reading skills.

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