Trading with Forex has always been popular, but with the current economic climate there have been many more Forex beginners turning their eyes towards the Forex trading platform. Forex means 'Foreign Exchange' and it is a currency exchange platform that makes your heart beat, induces adrenaline and gives ordinary people like you and me the thrill of participating and having the possibility of earning a lot of money. It started in the early 1970s when floating currencies and free exchange rates were first introduced.

The Forex market is the largest of its kind in the world, trading at up to $ 2 trillion per day and is unique for many reasons. First of all, this is one of the few markets that requires very few qualifications and is free from any external controls, plus it cannot be manipulated in any way that makes it ideal for any Forex beginner. Money that is traded through Forex moves so fast that it is impossible for a single investor to substantially affect the price of any major currency. There are always buyers and sellers ready for the Forex beginner to consider that, unlike any stock that is rarely traded, Forex traders have the ability to open and close any position in seconds.

However, the Forex beginner should know that making profits is not as easy as some people would like to distinguish and if you don't have enough experience, the right tools, or the right guide, then you might find yourself with a financial hole in your pocket. Many new traders have fallen out of the excitement that comes with the Forex platform and have started chasing their losses, making the financial hole bigger and bigger. This article is designed to give the Forex beginner their starting point so that they can safely progress through the Forex trader's ladder and start making money in Forex without falling into the many pitfalls along the way.

1. Research is key

Although many Forex beginners will find that research is tedious and boring, it is vital to gain a basic understanding of how the Forex system works. The Forex beginner needs to learn the platform he is using, the deadlines, the currencies, the lots, how to calculate the pips and their value and time zones. These are just some of the basics, but to be a true Forex professional, there are many more areas to be learned. The forex beginner must read and research long before investing his savings, he must first improve his skills and increase his knowledge. It starts small and grows.

2. Automated robots can help

The Forex beginner is advised not to trade manually to get started because the market is highly unpredictable, you should instead try one of the many Forex robots to get started. The reason for this is because Forex robots are often set up by professional traders so that they can accurately predict market movements and this means that it is like having an expert to show you when to buy or sell.

There are plenty of free downloadable Forex robots that are very good, however it is always recommended to take a look at the paid versions as these are constantly being updated with current data and therefore your robot will always market properly for you. Using Forex robots is not illegal anyway, in fact there are many major companies that use robots and other automated systems to help them make big money decisions.

3. Get a demo account

Almost all trading platforms offer the beginner of Forex the use of a demo account. As with any new skill, currency trading takes time and a certain level of experience before you are good at it and to become a successful trader, the Forex beginner must develop his own trading strategy, since no strategy will work for all operators. With a demo account there is no real money involved, so this gives the Forex beginner the ability to get a stronger foundation from the trading platform and try different strategies and ideas without the monetary losses.

Use the demo account for a few weeks and when you are comfortable with the way trading works, move your trades to a live account, but remember if the Forex beginner feels he is not ready to move to live trades , there really is no rush. It is much better to continue trading on a demo account until they have a solid understanding of the Forex platform so that they can minimize the risk of making mistakes.

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Trading with Forex has always been popular, but with the current economic climate there have been many more Forex