Getting the perfect hair serum for your dry hair will be life-changing for you. Check online for a wide range of hair treatment serum and you will surely come across one that best suits your requirement. Check for the ingredients to see if they are suitable for your dry and frizzy hair. So, do your bit of research and buy hair serum online to make it a part of your routine. In today’s article, we have shared some useful tips for using the best hair serum for dry hair. But before we provide you the necessary tips let us first brief you a bit on what is a hair serum and how does it work on your hair texture.
What Is Hair Serum & How Does It Help?
Hair serum is a liquid formulated with active ingredients that helps soften your hair. By selecting the right hair serum, you can easily control your frizzy hair and protect the hair from environmental aggressors. Hair serum is very different from your regular hair oil, wherein the hair oil helps nourish the scalp while the Hair serums work on the surface level. You can consider them as quick fixes or even a replacement for your conditioners. Get smooth, shiny, frizz-free hair by investing in the right kind of hair serum. Given below are listed benefits of using a hair serum.
Benefits of Hair Treatment Serum
• Smoothens and softens the hair
• Adds shine to hair
• Gives a silky texture to hair
• Controls frizz
• Prevent and repair hair damage
• Reduces the chances of detangling hair
• Protects hair from environmental pollution
Now that you know what hair serum is and know its benefits here are some tips for using the hair serum. Hair serum needs to be used right if you wish for the best results. Here are some tips on when and how to apply a hair treatment serum.
When to apply or use Hair Serum?
Generally, hair serum should be used or applied on freshly washed hair that is damp. This will add a layer of protection to your hair and prevent the damaging of your hair due to the heat, dust, and pollution.
How to apply the Hair Treatment Serum?
You should start applying to the ends of your hair and gently work your way towards the middle sections of your hair. It is important to note that hair serum is a product meant for your hair surface and not the scalp. So, do not apply the serum to your scalp as it can make your hair look oily and greasy. Hair treatment serum is not meant for scalp and roots which is why we recommend you not to use it on the scalp or it would lead to product build-ups. The upper surface or the hair tips need it the most so use it accordingly for gaining smoother, softer, and shiny hair.
Another tip that we would suggest or recommend is to simply add a few drops of serum to your palm and leave it for a few seconds. This allows it to liquefy for hair serums are often thick in their consistency. This way, it helps the serum to liquefy, soften up and glide smoothly all over your hair. Another important point is that hair serum must not be used daily. Limit the use of serums to the days you wash your hair. However, if you plan to use the hair treatment serum to manage your frizzy hair, then I would strongly recommend you to use an oil-based serum that can be used every day.

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