The rituals and ceremonies are considered the most special time at a wedding. The gathering of friends, family, and guests makes the best of the lifetime memories for the bride and groom. However, the beginning of the year changed everything drastically from the way we live, work, and celebrate. With the onset of COVID-19, the lavish events shrunk to a limited gathering of 50-100 people. Additionally, the flamboyant concepts created by wedding photographers before the pandemic have now become a thing of the past era.

With the unlocking phases of COVID-19 lockdown, the social events are taking place in the new normal. Whether it is a big or a small event, people do not miss to hire wedding photographers to capture their beautiful moments. Considering the risk of spreading infection in social events, there are a few tips that wedding photographers can follow to promote safety while working.

Using a Face Mask is a Must

Undeniably, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the wedding industry. But now the events have started taking place, wedding photographers are keen on accepting the bookings with all safety measures. The first and foremost tip is to keep your mouth and nose covered properly. It helps in preventing the spread of air-borne infections. Using a perfectly fitted face mask can help in protecting yourself as well as others.

Clean and Disinfect

The most important step in protecting yourself from the spread of the virus is to maintain good hygiene. Being a wedding photographer, it is necessary to disinfect your camera and gears right after using them. Many studies show that coronavirus can live for up to three days on plastic and stainless-steel surfaces. If you’re covering weddings or social events, it is imperative to disinfect your equipment on a frequent basis.

Maintaining Social Distancing

Though it is not easy to maintain distance from people present in the gathering. As a wedding photographer, you need to stand close to people to take that perfect shot. However, it is necessary to maintain a 6 feet distance as you don’t know if somebody is sick of carrying the infection in the gathering.

Wear Gloves

A team of wedding photographers works together. Sometimes they also exchange lenses, batteries, memory cards, etc. This might result in the spread of infection, thus, always consider wearing gloves. If it seems uncomfortable with gloves, always keep a sanitizer handy so that you can immediately sanitize your hands after exchanging any gear. Additionally, try to wash your hands frequently, this works as a big savior in preventing the spread of infection.

Monitor Your Health

Normal cold, cough, fever, and viral infections are common these days. If you feel any of the symptoms along with shortness of breath, quarantine yourself immediately. Monitor your body temperature regularly and take all necessary precautions to avoid the spread of infection. As a wedding photographer, you must keep your replacement ready. So, if you fall sick at the end moment, isolate yourself and send somebody else to cover the event on your behalf.

Covering a wedding event is risky. Being a social gathering affair, it requires everyone to take necessary precautions for themselves. Moreover, wedding photographers are more prone to catching infections as they cover every corner of the event. Thus, it becomes necessary to adopt strict hygiene practices to be safe at the venue.

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Rajesh Luthra – an ace fashion photographer with a passion for wedding photography started The Wed Cafe in 2011. His expertise and eye for detail capture the most realistic emotions with utmost perfection.